The Story Begins from

the time I was a 20-year-old boy and 150 dollars was all I had. I had taken this money from my father to commence my university courses. I got admitted to the Medicine major with a world of enthusiasms in a strange city. From then on the financial problems made my life so tough. From living in a small dormitory room with minimal facilities to not having enough money to get to the university were obstacles that made me think of a real change.

Dr Kavyani
Dr Kavyani

I read a quote which was enlighted my road to success and it was:

“ Making a big life change is scary . but, you know what is even scarier ? Regret . ”

What I mean by mentioning the above is to make you believe that nothing can be an excuse for failure, and you can change any situation to your advantage, just as I fundamentally did in less than 10 years.

Now, I am living in my dream home in one of the best neighborhoods in my city and I have several companies that have guaranteed a prosperous life even for my future generations.

When I look at of my life’s path, I see myself as an example of a gardener who has not only spent years examining the methods of the smartest gardeners, but also has turned many seeds into resilient and fruitful trees. Trees that are thick and tall enough that no weeds are able to grow as the shadows are so large.

The reason why this happened is crystal clear. Not only have I spent many years of my life researching fruitful businesses around the world, but I have also practiced them, and I have been successful in several business areas. From Drop shipping firms such as " Havin " and " Homer ", to " Maktabestan " education Complex, the "Hiva" furniture factory and AliKavyani website are my proven perfect experiences in business.

These are not future targets , they are already happened and existed now. Whilst I looked at very successful businesses around the world, I found very few people who are both prosperous in business and in other aspects of their lives. This is exactly the point which diversified my life as it is both beautiful and flourished, not only in business, but in all its aspects, including relationships, health, mental peace and etc.

I have the experience of making millions of dollars from a simple idea and registering several successful brands.

Our system has been able to lead a coordinated system that is well known throughout my country. Since the focus of this system was on solving market issues and producing products that surprised the audience. Therefore, I feel deserved to tell you how to start your own business and achieve financial freedom.

Due to this fact , my colleagues and I have helped many young people overcome their financial problems, get a taste of the fun of starting a personal business, and change their financial situation in recent years. We have organized a special course called “Entrepreneurship to Become a Billionaire”, in which tens and hundreds of people have been able to follow the path I have taken and change their financial situations internationally.

However, we will never stop working and as we have always moved forward, in order to be able to take new steps towards the excellence of our organization.