book summary of “Happy Money” by Ken Honda

Book summary "Happy Money" by Ken Honda

Book summary "Happy Money" by Ken Honda

We know nothing about money. The more we read about money, the more we realize that our knowledge of the world of money has been very superficial. In ” Happy Money ” by Ken Honda , you understand money is something we must strive for. In “Capital House” chapter, we turn the story of money in a new way. If you want to meet a new face of money and gain a deeper understanding of it, stay tuned for the rest of this story.

Is your money laughing?

Money also makes you happy and sad. Happy money is the part of your income that you earn and spend with joy and heart satisfaction. These coins are lovely and flowing with blessings. You make the best purchases of your life with happy money, and of course your sweetest incomes fall into this category.

Phrases about happy money also bring with them a certain amount of joy:

  • Wow money with blessings!
  • This money is the truth.
  • Spend it happily

However, upset, sad, and angry money is the amount of money that makes you unhappy and spends it in the worst possible way. We often hear such phrases about these currencies:

  • Bearing a hair is also a trophy!
  • It was gained and it was lost!
  • Blessed money!
  • This money is not truth!

What are the characteristics of happy and sad money?

Happy money is full of love and positive energy. When you spend this money, you and those around you will be overwhelmed with feelings of well-being and happiness. This money has healing power with it and can play the role of an ointment on the mental and physical wounds of others.

Sad money, angry and upset, is the exact opposite of happy money. This money is drowning in negative energy and causing you so much trouble that you wish it would never enter your life. The interesting thing is that you can turn happy money into sad and angry money by spending it in a place you do not like; For example, when you pay income tax, pay the dumped bills, or force someone to buy something, you are making angry money.

Which river do you run your boat on?

Choosing what kind of money, happy or sad, to work and live in, changes the shape of your future greatly; For example, if you are engaged in a business in which you feel the pain of spending every moment, beheading your customers or have customers who are reluctant to pay for your services and products, then with your own hands, the boat of your life flows into the money. You are sad and angry.

Constantly, when you do something you love, do your job, serve the people, have customers who value your service, and who give you money with love and respect, that is the happy money in the river. Therefore, you are rowing for a comfortable life. More interestingly, the flow of happy money will lead you to earn more money and deeper happiness.

Scarcity theory; the biggest culprit is negative feelings about money

Scarcity theory; the biggest culprit is negative feelings about money

If we take a good look at the story of money and the positive and negative feelings about it, we will see that the hand of “scarcity theory” up to Austin is involved in this story! Interestingly, many people around the world may not know this as “scarcity theory” but they apply it very accurately in their lives and work. According to this theory, everything in the world has a limited value.

From healthy weather to health, happiness, love and even money! This theory is the basis of the saying: “If someone else gets rich, I will be poor!” Following this story, some people do not see the eyes of rich people and look at them as an enemy who looks at his enemy. The theory of scarcity is one of the causes of angry and sad money.

Find the root, change your reaction

One of the most important steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation is to find the cause of our current feelings. In most cases, this feeling is rooted in our childhood. Maybe our parents had a negative view of money. At school, we may have been under the watchful eye of teachers or educators who saw money as the cause of misery, misery, greed, or even sin, and led us to ignore material things.

When you were exposed to such thinking about money as a child, how is it possible that in adulthood you see money as a blessing, a window to experience security, freedom and peace? Although we can do nothing for our lost children, we can shape a very different financial future for ourselves by changing our mindset and reconciling ourselves to money step by step.

Gratitude is the first step in fundamentally changing your relationship with money

You need a 12-magnitude earthquake to make happy money, money that can bring a smile to your face, be blessed, and fill your life with peace. This movement should be so deep and big that it opens your eyes and reveals the beauties before your eyes. The best solution you can take for granted is to be thankful.

How do we get help from gratitude for changing attitudes?

Look at your life. To the days that came and went and the many days that lie ahead. Put a piece of paper in front of you and thank yourself for all the financial situations you have had in the past. Thank you for all the favors you have received so that you can progress, for every banknote you have honorably earned and spent.

Then come to the present. Look at your life and look for reasons to be thankful for your financial situation. Believe it or not, even in the darkest financial situations, there is room for gratitude. It is the light that saves you.

IQ and EQ are two types of intelligence with two different paths

Most likely you are familiar with “IQ”. The same thing with some data trying to measure our mental intelligence. At the opposite point, we encounter the “EQ”. It is a kind of intelligence that goes back to how we feel and manage our reactions to money. When it comes to happy money, there is a different kind of intelligence.

According to the author of the book, people with “IQ” have good money that can be used to serve in their favorite job, enjoy it and share their knowledge with others. Simply put, when you try to help others grow by doing what you love, making life easier and easier for them in any way, then happy money will come out of your life without you making a sound. In addition, people with good money EQ know how to enjoy the way they earn money, earn money, spend money, and invest money.

How does a smart person deal with money?

Let us look at some of these behaviors together:

  1. He cleverly protects his money

Everyone who has a job and an income is familiar with a hidden sense of protecting their money deep inside. They have tried for their money, they have been waiting for it, and now that they have it, they do not want to lose it so easily. Of course, this is not wrong; but there is a story that can change this from a healthy state in which happy money is present to an unhealthy state.

This situation occurs when people are plotting to spend your money and even more than you are waiting for it to be deposited into your bank account. If you are the father, mother or manager of a collection, you are familiar with this feeling. The only thing that can protect your money and not harm your relationships with those around you is to speak openly and honestly.

It is true that you, as parents, have to provide for the material and spiritual needs of your children, but this does not mean that you should listen to their individual demands and provide what they asked for in a fraction of a second. In addition to basic needs, food, clothing, housing, and education, you need to teach your children the value of money through your behavior. This does not mean being stingy, frowning or blaming. Dealing with money is also part of the education you need to teach your children. In the meantime, you can protect your money and respond to this inner feeling.

  • Invests in a balanced way

Part of the story of making happy money lies in making it bigger. An intelligent person invests in something he loves; For instance, do you love stocks? Do you find it useful and even valuable? Great. Start training, get the best stakes and invest. Undoubtedly, you will be more successful than those who look at quotes with hatred and only seek to calculate their profit moment. It does not matter what the market is, it is important to use your thoughts, capital and interests in one direction. That’s the time when others are making a loss, you are making a strange and incredible profit.

There is money, check your recipients!

Sometimes the problem for many people is not that they do not have money or that they do not have the opportunity to earn money. Their problem is that they do not feel they deserve such money. They consider earning more money as a form of thinking and think to themselves that now is the time to create a problem and take revenge on us!

They do not allow themselves to enjoy their money. If you want the money that is encamped around you to find a way into your life, step aside and say, “I deserve this money!” You have always been and are valuable; you are worth even more than all the money in the world. When you believe this fact, you no longer look at money as a master, but as a slave to the obedient, whose whole sorrow and grief is to provide you with comfort.

Open your Content window

Each of us has possessions, knowledge and advantages that others do not have. The secret to making happy money is to share that knowledge and talent with others as much as we can. This is the way to get the most out of your money.

Despite this simple way, a significant number of people do the opposite; For example, they keep what they are learning only to themselves and think that others can never learn what is new. However, if they shared their little knowledge with others, they could find a way to learn more and deeper. Being on the move frees your mind and soul from being trapped in a swamp and promises to join you in endless oceans of talent, knowledge and money.

What is your monetary EQ?

If you have never had the opportunity to learn about money, it is likely that your raw money type has taken one of the following three forms:

  • People who make deep connections with happy money!
  • People who are indifferent to money!
  • People who are at war with money!

Each of these categories creates more categories within itself; yet the general approach does not fall out of these three categories. These are the examples:

  • In the first category, there are people who make a lot of money, collect it and then spend it all at once.
  • The other group saves their money with power, but they do so with concern and do not think about spending their savings at all. They enjoy checking their savings accounts and live with the terrible savings they impose on themselves and their families. Ordinary people call these people “stingy”.
  • In contrast to the miserly, there are extravagant people. They spend whatever they earn in three whistles. Their type and life are great, but they have no money in their savings account and are angry with investing.

It does not matter which category you belong to as once you start your financial education, the paper turns and you will experience stepping into a different world. You live in a world where happy money is your comfort, you feel comfortable and you feel wonderful about every moment.

Are you looking for financial freedom? Consider these few points

Are you looking for financial freedom? Consider these few points

It may not work for you to do all of these methods. For this reason, we suggest that you look for the method you want and use it among these methods.

  • Stay away from modern life

One way to get a taste of financial freedom very quickly is to move away from the modern urban environment and live on a farm. That way, you no longer have to party like before, wear very expensive clothes, or eat low-quality but glamorous foods. You can plant healthy fruits and vegetables in your garden and save money on expensive restaurants, clothes and parties in your savings account.

  • Change your reason for saving money

Some people feel bad when they save money. They keep their money for the purpose of supporting the family when they are sick, having money in old age or in general, for the day. This mindset turns their happy money into worrying, sick, and tired money. Do save money but have a nicer and happier approach to it. For example, you can consider a beautiful house and save your money with the aim of purchasing that house, or imagine a trip around the world for yourself, enjoying all the sights of the world with your family, eating in strange restaurants, and living. You’re enjoying it. Either way, you still have to save, but this time with a pleasant goal that makes you smile every time you think about it.

  • Look at money gratefully

Every bill you make is a blessing that is multiplied by gratitude. This is a simple and profitable deal. Do not miss it.

  • Price yourself correctly

You are expensive. If your services and products are as quality and functional as your own creation, you should not underestimate them at low prices. With good pricing of your products or services, you lose cheap customers. This cost is an opportunity you have to pay; instead, you will find expensive customers who are willing to pay for your first-class services and products. It’s up to you to decide which customer and which financial window to choose.

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