book summary of “Instant Wealth” by Christopher Howard

Book summary “Instant Wealth” by Christopher Howard

Book summary “Instant Wealth” by Christopher Howard

Instant Wealth

Everyone, regardless of age, wants to get rich quickly. This incident caused many people, without reckoning, to give their lifelong fortunes to fraudsters with their own hands or to blow them up with their own hands. However, in the age we live in, there are many people who were able to quickly achieve the wealth they wanted and become the millionaires and billionaires of their time. So this is not a dream. In this part of the House of Capital, we go to Christopher Howard’s book Instant Wealthand follow the practical and real points of getting rich quick. If you do not want your story of getting rich to last until your old age, be sure to join us until the end of this story.

What is holding us back?

This is a great question because now that we are amazingly created, why should we step in exactly the opposite direction. Why do we think it is impossible for us to learn a simple subject? Why not try something new, go to a weird place, and think even well about yourself? The four-letter word holds the answer to this story, and that is “fear.” The funny thing is that fear has no external existence at all. You cannot capture the fear and imprison it; you cannot talk to it, look it in the eye or invite it for a cup of tea. Fear is nothing but a state of mind! You create fear, and you are the only one who can eradicate fear. No one can encounter your fears but yourself. It’s you who has to go after your fears like a fighter. Only then will you be able to make immediate money.

Be stubborn to get rich instantly

The attribute of “stubbornness” is not usually referred to as goodness. Every time a person resists the wishes of others – right or wrong – they say that someone is stubborn! But it is this quality that helps rich people find a way to earn an immediate income and enjoy the wealth they gained in their youth instead of becoming rich in old age, which no longer benefits anyone but their heirs. Undoubtedly, you have the same dream. Besides, you have something else that you may not pay much attention to, and that is your heart’s desire. Think for a moment. What is there in this world that you love from the bottom of your heart? What is it that you have always wanted to do but for a thousand and one reasons have not yet been able to do? No matter what, it’s important that you like it. If you want to make a living as a wealthy person, you must become the most stubborn person in your area!

What is the correlation between getting rich and being stubborn?

It must be mentioned that this relationship is a straight line. You can only turn your favorite job into a source of income if you protect your desires from the challenges, the others’ opinions, the negatives that your mind feeds, and the people who think your job is crazy. Is it hard to ask? Of course it is! You should not underestimate the value of your hard work with a handful of beautiful words that question the difficulty of great things. The important thing is that despite the difficulty, you can handle it and that is very valuable.

How can we be stubborn to make money from what we love?

Children are your best role models for learning to be stubborn! Pay attention to a child who wants an ice cream but his parents do not want to buy it at all. The only thing that he aims for is only one thing at that moment and out of all the things in the world; An ice cream! The child in our story uses every trick that comes to his mind to achieve his desire; He knocks on the ground, sheds tears, sits on the floor, and even if he knows that the worker is falling, he screams! Think deeply, for which of the demands of your adulthood did you have such a firm resolve? “Almost none!” The good news is that you have the opportunity to do this as long as you are alive. To do this, you need to find a job that you like and then, with the help of stubbornness, look for ways to earn an immediate income from it. Whenever a problem gets in your way, stick it out of the field with stubbornness!

A bridge that leads to wealth from spirituality

A bridge that leads to wealth from spirituality

Some people are very interested in choosing. They think that life is like a stubborn controller over them, forcing them to choose only one of the good things. For example, from being spiritual, being rich, and pursuing the goals they love, they are only allowed to choose one option. In this way, no spiritual person can pursue wealth and no rich person can be spiritual. There are other options for this story, for instance, a person who pursues his interest cannot be rich and in the way of achieving his interest, he destroys his spirituality and even his family center! All these lines and markings and restrictions are nothing but a bunch of lies and illusions.

Therefore, you can have both | Instant Wealth

You are amazingly created. So what is the reason that an amazing creature like you cannot have several things at once? More interestingly, having lofty goals – those things that depend on your heart and soul – the engine of your motivation to achieve wealth and earn immediate income. Since money helps you to reach your favorite things much easier and help the people of the world as you like. Now, with the help of your inner potential, you can turn what you love into a gateway to wealth into your life.

Ask yourself the right questions | Instant Wealth

Want to learn one of the easiest ways to make money right away? This simple way to harness the power of changing your life is to “ask new questions.” What most people living in poverty or debt do is constantly ask themselves the wrong questions, such as:

  • When will I get rid of all these debts and promises?
  • How do I pay off all these debts?
  • Why is nothing in my life in its place?
  • Why is there so much trouble in my life?

If you have any of these questions in mind, you being stuck in a mountain of troubles goes on forever unless you change your questions and ask like:

  • How can I pay off my debts?
  • What programs will help me to get rich while paying off my debts?
  • How can I put my life in order?
  • How can I successfully solve the challenges of my life?
  • How can I find a way to get rich and change my life?

So, change your questions to change your life!

You become as rich as your level of mental thinking

Look at your current self. Is the person you are now the person you wanted to be 10 years ago? Is the income level of who you are now the same as you dreamed of 10 years ago? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you are the master of growth in your life and you no longer need to read the rest of this speech. Yet, if you are far from someone, you thought you were, or did not have a vision of your future at all in the past, be sure to pursue this conversation. Because I can boldly say that your next 10 years will depend on these words. Let’s start with a question:

Why not get the person you wanted or the income you wanted?

Perhaps if I were to answer this question, you would give me such things:

  • The economic situation deteriorated.
  • Nothing went as I had predicted.
  • My partner destroyed our business.
  • I did not understand when these 10 years passed! Because I was all caught up in daily routines!

This is the right answer: “you thought small and of course you still do!” There is no place for thinking small in the lives of those who seek immediate income. Because this story is a kind of own goal! It is as if you are denying your future wealth, power, love and happiness with your own hands. Think big and even bigger. Let your dreams show you the opportunity to show the wonderful future you can have.

Be an eagle instead of a sparrow

Be an eagle instead of a sparrow | Instant Wealth

Sparrows constantly jump from branch to branch. If you stare at them for a few minutes, you will be shocked! Because they seem to be constantly changing their place without a purpose. It is as if sparrows are not looking for anything. They may even inadvertently fill in and leave the branch they are sitting on; but the story of the eagles is different. They do not go from here to there. The eagles stay in place, monitor a target, and push it toward it with all their might.

Many people become sparrows with the desire to earn an immediate income. They are constantly moving from one task to another, having no specific goal and only thinking of trying different ways. At the opposite end of the spectrum are those who are literally rich. Instead of pursuing several goals and not achieving any of them, they focus on just one goal and try different ways to achieve it. This difference makes them richer faster and easier than others.

Invest in long-term goals

In the long run, having long-term goals and earning an immediate income may not be the same thing, but in reality, they are intertwined. Look at yourself for the past five years. If you could go back to five years ago on a day like this, what would you do differently? What did you not start? Or what did you insist on doing? The future and long-term goals are much closer than you think. Set goals for yourself for the next two, three or five years from today. Then go back to the present and do your best to take a step towards your goals. The same amount of progress can get you what you have been dreaming of for years.

Excuses keeps you from success

Many of us sometimes fall into the role of a victim without even knowing it. Because we have learned that in many cases this removes the finger of blame from our poor performance and points it to an adventure beyond us. This behavioral habit, like a barrier, prevents success to happen. If we constantly make excuses and do not face the consequences of our actions, we will never think of correcting our steps or changing our decision-making process. Making excuses is a swamp that drowns our future in itself! So get as far away from it as possible.

When things get tough, stand your ground

When things get tough, stand your ground | Instant Wealth

Being brave is hard work because we have to act despite our fears; but that is what drives us to make money right away. Therefore, if the obstacles that have risen to you from afar are so frightening that you want to drop everything and run away as fast as you can, stay like an old tree rooted in the ground. Stand up for yourself. If you run away, you may get rid of your problems at that particular moment, but they will follow you and lurk in other parts of your life. So it’s best to clarify your task with them along the way. Learn to rest when you are tired, not to leave everything to itself. No one is born brave. Courage is a state of mind that results from practice. Undoubtedly, you can be brave.

Why not copy the work of successful people | Instant Wealth

Most people who are looking for an immediate income will enthusiastically study the very successful people work, pull out the mechanisms, and follow through exactly. This method is completely wrong. Due to the fact that the way others do their work does not benefit you. In fact, one of the reasons that successful people are different from others is their personalized way of doing things. The best advice is to study the lives of successful people in your field of work, extract their methods, and then use those methods as a raw model for your life and work. In this way, you can achieve success that is yours alone by creating your own method.

Learn a simple way to solve problems | Instant Wealth

Each of us has our own ways of dealing with the challenges of our lives. Some of these methods are very effective and others only work well sometimes. In this section, you can learn a method that can be very effective at the same time. To do this, you need a pen and paper and some time to think. Are you ready?

  • Write your problem, request, or goal in the form of a question at the top of the sheet; For example, let us imagine that your goal is to reach a monthly income of 15000 dollars. With this account, you should write your goal like this: “How can I find a way that I can quickly and easily increase my income to 15000 dollars per month?”
  • Now you have to free your mind to deliver any answer that gets stuck. This story is something like a kind of free activity. Do not reject any answer. Write it all down, even if it sounds silly or funny. At this point, the quality of the answers is not important at all. The important thing is to free your mind to combine different answers. Another key point is that you should increase the number of these answers to 20. Not even one less number!
  • In the third step, you should take a look at your solutions and choose the best solution from them, draw a line around it and go to implement it with all the seriousness you have.

The secret of gaining one hundred billion dollars as soon as possible! | Instant Wealth

Please do not think of difficult and complicated things. Making money is much easier than splitting an atomic nucleus. Warren Buffett confirms this. The secret of a hundred billion dollars to get rich quick is nothing but “creating value for the people.” All the big business, all the giant companies, and every source of income you can think of depends on the phrase: “creating value.” Now think a little. What value does your business create for people? Do your customers value your products or services, or do you just think so? This is a very big question. Because you get rich as much as the size and quality of the value you create for people.

What was the main message of Christopher Howard in the book “ Instant Wealth “?

Howard is a world-renowned author and speaker who has transformed himself into a wealthy, successful entrepreneur out of poverty and debt. He travels the world teaching the pure tips of getting rich to those who want it. In this book, Howard summarizes some of the most valuable tips for getting rich quick so that even those who do not have the opportunity to attend his lectures can give a major boost to their lives with the help of this water-based advice.

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