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Million Dollar Habits

Habits make us. They transform us from who we were to who we are now. Therefore, if we want to change from who we are to who we want to be, we must go back to our habits. In this section we flip through the book ” Million Dollar Habits” by Stellan Moreira and follow a selection of the most productive habits. If you think you can become a much better and richer person now, be sure to join us until the end of this summorization.

Recognize the power of your mind

Your mind is the largest collection of money-making habits. Of course, if you do not take care of it, it can turn into a scary set of poor habits. Just as you cannot breathe without air, you can not get rich without constructive thoughts. In fact, you have no choice but to change the course of your thoughts. Since your mind is the only thing you can do to change your life. If you are always grumbling, complaining or thinking that the universe uses newer and more creative tricks to defeat you, you need to look for the culprit somewhere inside you.

Want more opportunities? Change your mentality!

People who have maintained their intelligence enjoy more opportunities; yet how do you get the most out of life? Why does opportunities follow some people? The golden point of this story and what differs good fortune from bad luck, lies in the “construction of the mental system.”

Some build their mental systems on positive manners and due to this, incredible opportunities and wonderful things happen in their lives. Others build their mental systems on negative currents and as a result, their minds pick up on the worst things that can happen to them. Now the right and interesting question is how can we modernize our mental system?

Two steps to change and modernize the mental system

Fortunately, the story of money-making habits and changing the mind system is not as hard as you might think. Since your mind, despite its appearance, does not like complicated things. You can make a real difference in your previous mental system with two main steps and a few exercises.

Step # 1- Sowing the seeds of successful beliefs in your mind

Step # 1- Sowing the seeds of successful beliefs in your mind

We must first clarify our task with the phrase “impossible.” When we talk about being possible or not, we are referring to situations in our lives that are real, not vague things that are combined with a dream. For example, it is a dream come true that you can go back to the age of 10, travel in time, talk to your relatives or change your face. You know very well that such a thing is not possible; but there is a fact that with exercise and healthy nutrition you can rejuvenate your body and yourself. You can become a very rich person, have happy families and experience true love in your life. So in the real world, nothing is impossible. With this background, we turn to ways that change beliefs in our minds:

Identify negative beliefs

Before we start planting positive beliefs, we need to identify negative beliefs. Only then can we see them, reach out to them, and replace them with positive beliefs. In order to do so, it is enough to monitor yourself for a certain period of time – for example, a week – and write down each of the negative thoughts or beliefs that you spend during the day and in different situations.

Validate negative beliefs

Now is the time to put your negative beliefs in front of yourself and ask them! You have to ask yourself why do you believe that? Does this belief apply to you in all situations? Do these thoughts belong to you at all or did someone plant them in your mind?

Who exactly is our mind?

Your mind is your servant. It was created to carry out what you command it without question. You command your mind with emotions. Now it’s time to ask yourself a new question by asking a different kind of question and send it to do something more useful. This time, ask yourself, “When was I the best of myself?”, “What makes me happy when I do it?”, “What gives me strength?”, “Who praised me?” And etc. Remember, asking the right question is more important than finding the right answer.

Put yourself into challenges

Put yourself into challenges

When you first start to have money-making habits, your mind resists change. If you fall short in such a situation, your mind will win and it will do things the same way. So you should not underestimate! As a tennis champion for instance, you must respond to all the throws in your mind. Let us give you examples:

  • You: I will definitely succeed in this!
  • Your mind: You said the same thing last time!
  • You: It’s different this time. I learned everything
  • Your mind: Learning is not a criterion at all! Last time you lost a whole lot!
  • You: Instead, I realized where I was wrong
  • Your mind: Instead, you wasted all your savings!
  • You: Hey! Or come with me! Or shut up!
  • Your mind: Are you really serious this time?!
  • You: Yes!
  • Your mind: Well give it another shot

At the end of this conversation, you will win the field and bring your mind with you. Use this hypothetical conversation as an example to answer your mind right now. The more professional you are at responding to your mind, the easier and faster you will make good decisions.

Step # 2- Confirm your new belief

Beliefs, like many other things, need your approval. In fact, it is not enough to just build a new belief for yourself. You have to live up to your beliefs. The best way to do this is to constantly repeat those beliefs to yourself. You have to read it to yourself as a word as long as you believe it! This method works strangely! Because after repeating it several times, your subconscious realizes the existence of this belief and sends it to its own box. When your subconscious mind accepts something, it triggers the process of bringing things of that belief into your life. You will have new experiences, new opportunities, much better people, stronger money-making habits and a different attitude.

Do not be afraid of stress, just try manage it

Managing anxiety and work stress is one of the most interesting and effective money-making habits. Anyone who can control his mind will be able to do anything. When it comes to stress, humans have no more than two states; They either overcome stress and manage it, or they let stress take control of their lives. In either case, there are people who have succeeded. The difference is that the path of the first group – those who managed stress – smooth and sunny, and the path of the second group is rocky and cloudy. Undoubtedly, a wise man chooses a sunny and smooth path. For this reason, you need to be familiar with the ways in which stress management is in control. In the following, we will introduce you to one of the most famous methods of managing anxiety.

Meditation: A shortcut to inside oneself

Meditation is a high class name that’s why people who are on the path to developing and building money-making habits do not seek out this painless sedative. They think that meditation belongs to the unemployed who do not know what to do with their time! Meditation, on the other hand, is a money-making habit that wealthy people make the most of to organize their thoughts and manage work stress. There are many different ways to meditate. You should do each of them at least a few times to find your own meditation.

Forgive others, not for them, but for yourself

Sometimes some people knowingly or unknowingly cause us various harms. Whether these injuries are psychological or financial, they ignite a fire of anger and blame in us. The sad thing is that such a fire can burn us from within and rob us of our energy reserves. So the best way for us and not them is to forgive them.

We have to make a very important point about forgiveness. When we forgive others, it does not mean to acknowledge or forget their wrongdoings. This is wrong and it causes the person not only not to regret doing the deed but also to think about repeating it again! Our exact meaning of forgiveness is to put an end to your own intellectual controversy by mistake and let it go. By doing this, you will drop the hot fire that you have kept in your fist for a long time and you will be released. That’s why giving up on other’s bad is also a money-making habit. It takes your gaze away from the pains and sorrows of the past and directs it to new opportunities in the future.

Gratitude, a gateway to the blessings of the Infinite

Gratitude is the flagship of money-making habits. All those who have built their fortunes with joy and with the help of incredible events have been truly grateful. In fact, this is exactly the trend. You should not be humiliated or tormented in order to gain wealth, the essence of which is in you. The process of gaining wealth must be in an attractive, lovable and exciting way. You can do this grace for yourself by giving thanks.

Why does gratitude lead to wealth?

There are several reasons for this. Let’s look at them together:

  1. It opens our eyes to the beauty of opportunities

Our problem is that we think opportunities are hidden in a long, distant forest, under a magical rock guarded by two dragons. While the best and most money-making riches are right in front of our eyes. When we are thankful for the things we have now, we appreciate them more and realize that they are truly the best opportunities of our lives that have been given to us for free.

  • Helps us build strong relationships with great people

Gratitude in a short time corrects the waves sent by our thoughts. This allows us to attract people with high energy and in line with the new waves of our minds. This is what we really need on the way to wealth; It means creating a large circle of people whose minds are set on wealth and prosperity instead of poverty and nothingness. Such people lift us up with them and block the way back to poverty for us.

  • Enhances our flexibility

Money-making habits have far-reaching consequences for our lives. Gratitude, as one of these important habits, improves many parts of our lives like a miracle. Gratitude helps our minds to have a positive attitude towards things. This directly affects our flexibility and helps us identify the best decision in different situations.

Embrace new things with open arms

Welcoming change requires a far-sighted look so that you can bridge the usefulness of a story through its novelty. This is one of the money-making habits that puts the most golden opportunities right in your hands. So when you first encounter new things, try to explore growth opportunities without judging. This is what leading people do.

Live in the moment, because that’s the only time you have

This can be said to be one of the most difficult money-making habits. As most of us live in the past or in the future and have nothing to do with the present. However, the present is the only real time in our lives that can be passed and reached the future. To live in the moment, you must give life to your present. You need to recognize it as the best part of your life and allow yourself to enjoy those precious moments. Undoubtedly, by oing this, there is no opportunity left to work and gain wealth. I mean, turn your work into a hobby, or at least look for interesting parts of your work. This will help you to fall in love with the moment in your life.

What was the main point of “Stalan Moreira” in the book “Money Making Habits”?

What was the main point of “Stalan Moreira” in the book “Money Making Habits”?

Stellan Moreira wrote the book ” Million Dollar Habits ” with the aim of helping ordinary people building strong habits in their lives. He has repeatedly and everywhere in his book pointed out that small and simple habits can make a big difference in a person’s life. The habits that Stalan had developed were not new, yet most ordinary people, even the poor, do not recognize them, and that is exactly why they are constantly plunged into poverty instead of getting rich. If you want to take the biggest step to change your life and move towards getting rich, start with your own habits.

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