book summary of “ Girl, Wash Your Face ” by Rachel Hollis

In this book summary of Girl, Wash your Face , writer ( Rachel Hollis ) is going to say, Sometimes understanding life becomes the most complex issue in our world. To get rid of this confusion, we ask ourselves:

How to live ? How should I be ? Or better yet , how is it right to be ?

In fact, recognizing who we are or not depends more on other people’s criteria of good or bad than on our own desires. Because of this, living for some people has changed from an enjoyable experience to an endless nightmare.

Summary of “ Girl, Wash your Face ”

In ” Girl, Wash your Face “, Rachel Hollis tries to divert her readers’ attention from others by making simple points and

do not compare people in the virtual world with your own reality.

The hobby of many people, especially those with a lot of frustration, is to study the lives of those who are successful in defining society. Following the Instagram page and seeing the photos they post about their luxurious and carefree lives to others creates the misunderstanding in some that they really have a wonderful life. But the reality of their lives is not something that can be framed in a picture. Many people who we think are perfect, very rich, and everything is wrong like us, full of flaws and shortcomings. In fact, some of those seemingly extraordinary human beings do not have the power to make a normal living for themselves.

Remember, even psychologists suffer from psychological problems, and success coaches fail in their lives. Since there is a big gap between knowing the solution to an issue and applying that solution in real life. Therefore, do not use the lifestyle of others as a yardstick to measure your success or failure.

Change is an inner journey

There are many journeys in our lives. Sometimes these trips end up going from one city to another and sometimes to another country. Although traveling can teach you many things, it does not change who you are.

Some people do strange things to change themselves; For example, they change their home or even change their place of residence to another country. Unaware that no matter how much they travel geographically and far from where they are, they have not taken a single step towards their actual journey.

What makes your life different is your inner journey to the depths of your being. You do not need to get up from the couch for this trip and even spend money. This journey requires motivation, effort and time; That is, exactly what we are not in a hurry to target, and this is where the problem begins. All human characteristics are selectable.

If you want to become a happy person, you have to ask for it from the depths of your being and choose it. It is you who make yourself happy and happy or miserable and sad. The moment you reach this understanding, a new door opens to your life.

Increase your inner credibility

Increase your inner credibility | Girl , Wash Your Face

Each of us has a special reputation in the eyes of others. Sometimes we are so credible that they count on a word from us, and sometimes our credibility is so low that even if we make a written promise, no one will take our word seriously. Of course, others are innocent in this case. It is we who, through our behavior, tell them how much they should value us. There is also the issue of the validity of the internal versions.

Let me ask you a question. How faithful are you to the promises you make to yourself? In fact, the promises you make to yourself are the bricks that build the path to your self-confidence and abilities.

If you break your promise and keep making promises to yourself, your subconscious will gradually lose confidence in you. Then, after breaking any promise, you will feel sad, helpless, angry, depressed, and hopeless. It is then that you blame yourself and say to yourself that you will never succeed in life.

It is not too late to change the outcome of the game. You can repair your damaged inner path step by step by sticking to a small and very simple promise. You just have to learn to forgive yourself and start over. Remember, as long as you breathe, you have the right to start over.

You are not a robot! Do not forget this!

Working is especially enjoyable when you love it. Because in addition to the financial issue, it gives you a sense of confidence and pride.

In fact, by doing your favorite job, you consider yourself a useful and influential part of society, and this is very valuable. However, there is another face to this story that can easily overwhelm you if ignored. This stranger who wears work clothes is called “workaholism”. Sometimes we unknowingly become addicted to work.

Those who are addicted to their work have the following characteristics: [ Girl , Wash Your Face ]

  • They feel more comfortable at work than at home. For them, going home is like being sent to the front line.
  • They do not believe in working hours and the only thing that can send them home is fatigue to the point of anesthesia.
  • Rest is considered a waste and a waste of time.
  • They think that if they are not at work one day, all that they have worked for will be destroyed.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you’re probably an addict. Such people do not know how to rest and will usually deal with physical and even mental illnesses very soon. Because they have forgotten that their bodies are not made of steel but of flesh and blood.

When they do not pay attention to this, their body takes revenge on them and tries to force its owner to rest with symptoms such as dizziness or severe weakness. Interestingly, our soul can also have a negative effect on the body if ignored.

In fact, rest is not just physical. Sometimes it is our soul that feels very tired. At such times, nothing can charge us like traveling or spending time with those we love. There is a trap in this that, if you do not pay attention, will destroy all your efforts to rest.

The logical part of your mind may suggest that you do backlogs on your holidays and make more progress. You should not be fooled by this tempting offer. Drawing a clear line between workdays and holidays depends on your insistence on living a quality and healthy life. If you really love yourself and your work, take care of your leisure time.

Do not listen to “NO”!

“Strive to be successful” or “early bird catches the worm” and many other tips are heard from successful people every day. If we look closely, we will find many people around us who are early, hardworking and have a flexible heart to accept life lessons but have not yet achieved significant success.

Do not listen to “NO”! | Girl , Wash Your Face

In fact, the main element that makes all this difference between successful people and others is the different definition of the word “no”. Those who have had many successes in their lives hear “no hearing” not as a hindrance, but as a simple answer, and try again. But those who do not succeed, when they hear the first “no”, they deviate and return the same way they came.

If you really want to achieve your goals, you should not listen to those who say “no”. The more stubborn you are about this, the more successful you will be.

Why sufferings cannot be forgotten?

Sufferings are not forgotten. The memories of the hardships we have gone through and gone through and the smoke of which we have drawn ourselves alive will never be forgotten as they are engraved in our hearts.

You cannot take your heart out of your chest and erase the mark of all the hardships and sufferings you have suffered. But there is one thing you can do with these sufferings that are neither forgotten nor let go, and that is to show off your strength to yourself for the next few days of your life.

If you have come out alive from a hardship, from a suffering, from something that has hurt your heart and wounded your soul, you should be proud of yourself. You should not let this war of yours be forgotten behind the scenes of your sorrows. You need to make sure that the memory of your heroism is remembered in all the big and small problems of the future.

Am I obese or do I look obese?

Am I obese or do I look obese? | Girl , Wash Your Face

Obesity, thinness, ugliness and beauty are on the list of the most important words used by people around the world. A lot of money is spent on achieving weight and beauty goals. What is the ideal weight or on what basis beauty is measured is even more unstable than Einstein’s law of relativity because every day, new standards for weight and beauty are defined.

Following this unstable process will not lead to interesting results. It is just like playing with our hands in the hands of a bunch of superficial people, who do not know what they are doing behind all the smiles, claims of beauty and slimming. However, the importance of factors such as fitness and beauty in increasing health and confidence cannot be ignored. So what to do?

One important point to note, however, is that change depends not on overwork, horrible diets, and prolonged pain, but on accepting a truth about yourself:

“If you want to change from who you are to who you want to be, you have no choice but to love your current self.”

Many of you may shrug your shoulders as you read this sentence and say:

“Do not chant!” You are definitely not obese or you do not have a big nose. “Otherwise, I would be writing a success book instead of you!”

There is no doubt that I do not live for you. But life has shown me that it is much easier for me to become the person I love if I stop hating myself and who I am.

On the other hand, you should consider a border for beauty and fitness and do not go beyond it. This border is your health. You should not do things that are aimed at your valuable health in order to become more beautiful.

Leave prejudice and accept differences

We live in a vast world full of different cultures and ideas. Sometimes we forget this important fact because of living in a particular situation, small geographical area, or dealing with a limited number of people.

Although we all need things in common to live in, such as water, food, shelter, and love, the style and context of receiving and even defining these needs varies from person to person. For this reason, one thing can certainly not be considered right and something else wrong.

Maybe what we think is right and we are willing to give up our most important assets to prove it is a profound mistake for someone else. Living in peace means accepting differences and looking at people as they are, not as we want them to be.

Rachel Hollis | Girl , Wash Your Face

A summary of what ( Girl , Wash Your Face ) mentioned above

  • There is a big gap between being an expert on a subject and acting on that expertise and advice. That’s why you should not think that very famous people do everything they say to others.
  • You do not need to pack your bags and go to unknown routes to change. Everything you need to change is in your mind.
  • Keep the promises you make to yourself. This will increase your self-confidence.
  • Work holism is one of the challenges of working for a long time. When you love your job, it takes on bigger dimensions of your life. To solve this problem, you should limit your working hours and close at least one day a week.
  • The key to success is to turn your corners into doors and gates so that you cannot listen to those who constantly say “no” under your ear. Think of the “Nos” in your life as a warning and move on to another goal instead of giving up.
  • Sometimes the sufferings we go through in life are unforgettable. So instead of looking at those sufferings, we should look at ourselves and the power we have shown in overcoming these sufferings so that we can use this baggage for other parts of our lives.
  • Achieving fitness and becoming more beautiful are interesting parts of every human life. But these properties are useful as long as they do not harm the health of our soul and body. The first step in starting this path is to accept our present self. In that case, we can define the destination by specifying the starting point.
  • Prejudice is a calamity that closes the eyes of the heart and opens the tongue to the judgment of others. If others do not behave like us but do not harm others with their particular way of life, there is no reason for us to take the baton of punishment and try to turn them into human beings like ourselves. God created human beings differently. We must also respect each other’s existential differences.

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