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Each of us has a special inner capacity. What is capacity of doing something that some have and some do not? Is capacity something unchangeable? Or can it be increased indefinitely? Here, we look at the book Limitless “ by Jim Kwik and look for appropriate answers to these questions. Stay with us until the end of this story.

How much space does your inside hold?

Our existential capacity is construct able. Of course, a significant part of its construction is related to the time when we were children. The situation we had in our childhood days formed the basic nature of our existential capacity. For example, if as a child we are confronted with phrases such as “you cannot” or “it is harder than you can handle”, the container of our being becomes small and limited.

As the days and years go by, when we grow up to be able to make decisions for ourselves, without remembering these wall-making voices, when we are faced with special situations, our inner feelings become tumultuous and push us back with a frightening fright.

This is why some people avoid taking risks, moving to new places or being in exciting situations. In fact, it is their inner capacity that sets them apart from the rest.

On the other hand, people who grew up without these mental barriers in their childhood, along with those who believed in growing, trusting in abilities, and getting up after falling, become strong and confident people. They are selfless and boundless, recognizing no obstacle.

Fortunately, our inner container is not made of stone. This means that no matter how limited our inner capacity is, we can still expand it.

A light that illuminates consciousness for the seekers of victory

A light that illuminates consciousness for the seekers of victory

All your inner adventures can be changed. There are no restrictions in this regard because you are boundless. However, you can only change yourself if you feel the need to change in yourself first. When your eye is able to see the invisible walls around it, it can remove them. But how does this awareness occur?

Each of us needs a flip to start this great inner change. Sometimes this inner flip is created in us by one of our friends, sometimes a stranger, a sentence from a book, a part of a clip or even a song, sounds the awakening sound in us. But there is a point here that we need to pay attention to.

It is true that we need an external fillip to be aware of our limitations, yet we must not forget that those people also have their own special capacities. In fact, each of us looks at the world according to our inner capacities.

Sometimes we inadvertently attribute the limitations in our eyes to all the people of the world. So be careful not to tie your capacity to someone’s scale at one time.

Things you do not know about your capacity

Every new and unknown path has its ups and downs. When we get to know them before we move on, we can make smarter decisions. Here are some common misconceptions about internal capacity.

  1. Your capacity is not written in your destiny

Some people try to cope with the misconception that their capacities are the truth of their existence. For example, because of the fear of failure and loss, they never go for risky stocks. Because they do not think they can bear the financial loss.

With this view, they distance themselves from the brilliant profits hidden behind some of these shares. Remember, your capacity is not something that is intact from the beginning to the end of your life.

You can make big changes in the dimensions of your existential capacity whenever you want, by taking simple and continuous steps – which we will tell you later in this article.

  • Adaptation is not always good

The world is changing every moment. Adapting to the new circumstances in which you find yourself will help you to survive and live with the least stress. But you should not think that coping with your limited abilities means adapting to change. Because the two have nothing in common. Let’s look at an example.

Your quest to keep up with technology and to use the tools that are being invented every day to make human life easier is a way of making sense of adaptation.

Nevertheless, if you set a mental limit to your success or advancement, it means that you believe in your limited capacity today. Remember, the only thing that can determine the scope of your capacity is your own thoughts. Because the capacity you have is unlimited.

  • You should not run away from your weaknesses

When a piece in a system does not do its job properly, it bothers the whole set. Your weaknesses are also problematic parts of your system.

The first step to increasing your inner capacity is to become aware of your strengths and weaknesses. There is no human being on earth who has no weaknesses.

Even the most successful people have many weaknesses. But the key to their success is to improve their strengths, not to focus on strengthening their weaknesses. This is an important point that understanding can change the course of your life.

  • Do not believe the lies of your mind

Your mind is not your friend. It is programmed to choose the best, fastest and most efficient way for you to survive. So sometimes, it has to lie to you about your abilities in order to keep you where you are – and safe in your mind.

Your mind delivers so many expedient lies that you believe you are incapable of doing something new, an exciting challenge, or an unpredictable change. The interesting thing is that when each of us reaches the end point of our limitation, we are just on the verge of using 50% of our abilities.

So taking one more step, one more minute endurance, and one more job is miles away from your limitless natural capacity.

Get acquainted with your mind’s Stone Walls

Get acquainted with your mind’s Stone Walls

Our limitless existential capacity is limited by three different walls:

  1. A wall that has been drawn around us since childhood

This part of the capacity that is formed in our childhood can be summarized in two simple ways; In the first case, our parents and those around us are ambitious and extraordinary people who build in our minds, not walls. In the second case, we are surrounded by people who have imposed their own restrictions on us. As we said a moment ago, whatever the outcome of this section, it can change.

  • The wall that society builds

Society is a collection of human beings who live together with their different ways of thinking. The minds of some of these people are full of “cannot” and “impossible” terms. The problem starts with the fact that these people feed their limitations as a principle to others.

Those who do not believe in themselves easily succumb to these false restrictions. However, those who are strong believe in themselves and stand on their own feet do not care about these limitations and go their own path. We sincerely wish you to be in the second group.

  • A wall that we made it ourselves

This wall, which is a combination of several other walls, rises with bricks made of our fears. We underestimate our abilities and ourselves, therefore, we respond negatively to our desires and ourselves. In fact, we have no hope for ourselves at all.

You may ask, “How can these inner walls be removed?”

The method of removing these walls is very simple. You need to find people who had similar limitations and copy their solution. When you bring these patterns to your mind one after another, the stone walls within them loosen and collapse with a new thought from you; The thought: “I can …”

Time management is a detour, manage energy!

Most people who are concerned about increasing productivity are concerned with “time management”. They try different ways and use different strategies to manage their time savings. But most time management solutions do not work as well as expected.

Because the main issue is not time but energy. It is true that we have 24 hours a day, but our energy is not the same on different days.

In fact, what we do with time management is waste energy that could have been spent on other things with the right planning.

You can always keep your energy high with the right diet and mindset. Diet is about eating natural ingredients and getting vitamins to your body. After all, you should not ignore the contribution of exercise in increasing energy. But the mindset goes back to the daily charge of your motivations.

You should start your day with motivational songs, phrases or clips; even better, you can take a few minutes to capture the sweet moment of achieving your goals in your mind. This will help you to start your day with a lot of energy by charging your motivations.

There is no doubt that “scheduling” cannot be removed from daily life. But with energy management, a lot of work can be done in a short amount of time.

What is emotional capacity and how can it be developed?

What is emotional capacity and how can it be developed ?

What is your first reaction to the problems that arise in your life? What do you do if your problem is not something that can be solved easily or in a short time? How you react to these problems reflects your emotional capacity.

If you are confronted with these problems, you lose yourself and engage in behaviors that you later regret, meaning that your emotional capacity is limited. But if you control yourself and look for a solution, you are emotionally strong.

However, with a few exercises, you can increase your emotional capacity throughout life. Let’s take a look at these solutions:

Do not consider yourself a victim

Some people exhibit certain emotional behaviors when unwanted problems occur. For example, like a hot coal, they burn and harm themselves and others. When the fire of this emotional anger is extinguished, they raise their shoulders in response to the protest of others and say:

“This is my morality, it is out of my control and I cannot do anything to change it.”

In fact, in this way, they absolve themselves of responsibility and force others to endure this situation.

If you have this problem, you can do the opposite and save yourself from this situation. In this way, separate your behavior from your feelings and emphasize on changing it.

Simply put, you have to play a role for a while. For example, when you are in an emotional situation, even though the volcano inside you is full of hookahs, pay homage to calm and rational people. This may sound ridiculous to you, but it’s a real principle in the sweet world of psychology.

According to this principle, behavior creates emotion. Of course, most of us believe the opposite. For example, we think to ourselves that there must be a reason for being happy; otherwise, we are not happy!

However, true happy people smile before they feel happy, take deep breaths before they are calm, and think of themselves as happy before they see the measure of happiness.

What happens is that these people really become happy, calm and happy people. As a result, you do not have to wait for someone to turn your back on you and save you from your current situation. You have unlimited capacity. So do it yourself. This is the only real solution.

Do not feel underdog

You may have seen people who, when a problem arises, put the grief of their current problem on top of the problem they had in the past and spend hours greeting themselves and the unfortunates around them.

This is nothing but torturing yourself and others. Mourning the story you are stuck in does not diminish its volume; even with a behavior of yours, the dimensions of your problem may increase irrationally. If you want to control your emotional capacity, you have to learn that not all stories need your reaction.

Try not to go with the stream

We are all human beings and we like to be accepted in different groups. Sometimes this group is the school and university sports team and sometimes it is a group of our colleagues; sometimes our group shrinks as much as we do and the person we love.

There is a diversionary path between this desire to be accepted and to receive a passing grade from others. If you want to stay emotionally strong, you have to avoid it. This deviant path is to forget your true self and become someone that others love.

At the end of this path, you become weak, sad, and vulnerable, leaving nothing of your true self; instead, you become a poppet, with each one grabbing one of its strands and pulling it to one side.

It is true that they when communicating with others influence us; but it has to be two-way or multi-way. This means that if someone in your character has a different color, the same effect can be seen in others. This is a right and healthy relationship.

Think of the rocks at the bottom of the river; all those stones become so worn by their collision that they all become smooth and polished. If you are the only one to be worn in a group, it is better to raise your guard as soon as possible and protect who you are.

Remember yourself; who you are, the things you love, the responsibilities you take on. Remembering the roles you have, such as a child, a boss or even a friend, will help you to properly protect the emotional boundaries between yourself and others.

Expand your intellectual capabilities

Expand your intellectual capabilities

If we look closely, we realize that this world and even beyond, the whole universe is in motion based on the power of thought and its frequencies. Expanding our intellectual capacity, then, is a way to achieve the life of our aspirations and to make wider use of our boundless inner capacity. In the following, we will suggest some ways to expand this capacity:

Life is not a battlefield

You are not the only living thing in this world. This means that many people with very different thoughts live with you on this planet. If you always stick to your way, find your own thoughts right and worthy, and the thoughts of others disliked and wrong, not only will you never find the gate to intellectual growth, but you will be limited to the fire of faith that has now become prejudice.

Listen to different thoughts, try to look at things through the eyes of others, put aside the cloak of judgment and give others the right not to think or live like you. This is the biggest step that can change not only your intellectual capacity but also your life.

Ask yourself questions

Most of us turn to others in order to find answers to our questions. Yet, we do not recognize the closest person next to us as the correct person. Asking questions of ourselves and hearing the answer that comes from within us is an amazing experience.

The more these inner questions, the deeper the window of your mind. Trust yourself and ask your questions. Then analyze your answers and test them on the real world.

It’s like shoveling through a small window in your mind to the ocean. It may seem strange to you at first, but after a while, the first thing you do is ask yourself a question.

A summary of above mentioned points:

  • Our existential capacity is the boundaries that determine our tolerance or growth threshold.
  • The capacity of each person’s inner capacities is different, but if you ask about their size, they are limitless.
  • What drives us to increase these capacities is to become aware of the true dimensions of these capacities.
  • The capacities of your existence do not define you. If you are not satisfied with them, you can change them.
  • The only thing that can limit your inner capacities is the thoughts you have about yourself.
  • Focusing on strengthening strengths is the key to success and rapid progress.
  • You should not measure the capacity of your inner abilities by the dimensions you define in your mind. Sometimes your mind lies to you to stay in the safe place it has made for you.
  • Three things limit each person’s existential capacity: 1) childhood labels and beliefs, 2) societal beliefs, and 3) our own limited and erroneous beliefs.
  • Managing time will wear you down and turn off your motivation light. Manage your energy instead of time.
  • Emotional capacity goes back to the threshold of tolerance and the way each person reacts to problems. Those who are emotionally strong have a higher capacity in this area.
  • The thought of being a victim in a story does not help to solve the problem. You need to distance yourself from these thoughts and, even if you have to, behave differently, like in a movie. Little by little, the right feeling from your behavior is transmitted to you.
  • Drilling pops and magnifying problems only complicates matters. You need to learn to look at problems in terms of what they are, not what they can be.

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