book summary of “ The 48 Laws Of Power ” by Robert Greene

The role of power in people’s lives | The 48 Laws Of Power by Robert Greene

Power is the force that human beings seek throughout their lives. Some seek power in order to win political contests. Others see power in financial freedom and do their best to use wealth to achieve their desired power. Apparently, every word in our world has a vast range of meanings. However, this does not add or subtract anything from the original word. For this reason, learning the principles and laws of power and following the experiences of the powerful people of history can show us a new way for everyone to carry the appropriate baggage depending on their capacity. Here we go through the book and turn the pages of this prolific book. Stay with us. we talk about The 48 Laws Of Power , in this chapter.

Robert Greene:

“If you believe that the world today is the court of a great conspiracy trapped within you, trying to get out of the game is useless. It is better to increase your power instead of complaining. The more powerful you are, the better you become as a friend, lover, spouse and citizen.”

The 48 Laws Of Power: a short review

Before we begin this article, let us look at these 48 laws of power:

  1. Never shine brighter than your boss does.
  2. Never trust your friends too much and learn to take advantage of your enemies.
  3. Hide your intentions.
  4. Always talk less than you need to.
  5. Credibility and reputation play an important role in success; keep it by any means necessary.
  6. Attract everyone’s attention in any way you can.
  7. Get help from others and advance your goal, but finish it in your own name.
  8. Attract others and use them as bait if you need to.
  9. Never show off your victory by arguing; rather, show it with action.
  10. Avoid people who are unlucky.
  11. Rely on others for yourself.
  12. Use honesty and selective generosity to disarm your victim.
  13. When asking someone for help, emphasize the benefits of doing so and do not care about their appreciation and kindness.
  14. Be like a friend but act like a spy.
  15. Tin your enemy.
  16. Use your absence to increase respect and dignity.
  17. Keep others in doubt and fear and create an unpredictable atmosphere.
  18. Do not build a wall to take care of yourself; Isolation is dangerous.
  19. Know your opponent or enemy and do not mistakenly disturb another person.
  20. Do not commit to anyone.
  21. Be foolish to deceive stupid people.
  22. Use surrender tactics; Turn weakness into strength.
  23. Concentrate your power.
  24. Act like a courtier.
  25. Re-create yourself.
  26. Do not contaminate your hands.
  27. Make the most of the needs and weaknesses of others to follow you unnecessarily.
  28. Take bold action.
  29. Plan the whole route from beginning to end.
  30. Keep your achievements simple.
  31. Control the options; Get others to play the same cards of your choice.
  32. Play people’s imagination.
  33. Find the weakness of others.
  34. Be royal.
  35. Learn time management.
  36. Despise everything you cannot achieve. Because ignoring is the best revenge.
  37. Have a full-fledged show.
  38. Think whatever you like but act like others.
  39. Try to fish in troubled water.
  40. Do not accept free lunch.
  41. Do not put your foot in the shoes of adults.
  42. Scare the shepherd so that the sheep can escape.
  43. Work on people’s hearts and minds.
  44. Use the mirror effect to disarm and anger others.
  45. Talk about change, but do not rush it.
  46. It never looked so perfect.
  47. Learn where to brake.
  48. Do not limit yourself to any form or format.

Put the horn down

One of the main issues about many people, especially those who have nothing special in their personality, is that they share all their thoughts and goals to show off. By doing so, they not only show their weakness to opportunistic people before taking action, but may also be influenced by the negative thoughts of others and give up their goal that may change their lives.

It is best to always keep your intentions in a state of ambiguity. It is not wise to shout it when you have nothing to show. Demonstrate your abilities to others not by your language but by your behavior and actions.

After all, when you tell others all the plans and things you have in your bag, you become a predictable person. At this point, anyone can make the most of your plans to hit you and lift themselves up.

One simple way to hide your main goal from others is to show them another goal and let them focus all their attention on it, yet look for your main goal yourself and work towards it.

Speak intelligently

Speak intelligently

Speaking is one of the most beautiful human abilities, yet if this ability is used too much, it turns into a knife that cuts your hand.

Some people think that talking too much and commenting on any subject is a sign of their high level of knowledge. They even think to themselves that they are doing others a favor by doing so. Because they guide ignorant people around them by doing so.

No one can claim to be an expert in all fields. This is especially not possible in the age in which we live and with this vast amount of information. As a result, such people shout their ignorance by talking too much. Even if you are an expert in the field, only speak when something is asked of you.

Remember, the most accurate words are heard when there is someone who is thirsty to hear. Otherwise, the word will be wasted and you, who had the word, will be reduced. After all, when you talk too much, you may lose control of your words and say something that should never have been heard! Silence is the way of the great men of history. This will make you a mysterious, powerful and knowledgeable person. Others will be curious about you and ready to hear your opinion.

Have a policy

It often happens to many of us that we willingly or unwillingly enter into a negative debate. Most people react at that time, raising their voices above the opponent. If this does not put the opponent in their place, they will be insulted, and if that is not a solution, they will replace the words with punches and kicks.

However, is it really going anywhere? Does this war have a real winner? Even if you seemingly win that battle, your victory will still be temporary. A fighter with politics chooses a different approach from the beginning. Instead of raising his voice, he first subdues the opponent, and instead of opening his mouth, he sharpens his corners to detect the slightest change in tone in his opponent.

He assesses the situation and looks at the bigger picture. Because he knows that a look that is limited to this moment and the anger of this second will not bring him any victory. On the other hand, he does not use profanity to express his dissatisfaction. Because he knows that every time he turns the debate into an insult, he strays from the essence of the issue and the important demands off miles.

Separate battle time and retreat

Entering any struggle does not mean victory. On the other hand, victory does not have a fixed meaning. Sometimes you can win if you can pull yourself out of a deal or debate without harm or loss. In such cases, instead of squatting and fighting or staying to maintain your pride, just give up. Make your opponent think he is much smarter and stronger than you. In this case, your opponent loses two things:

  • Opportunity to fight against you and taste your defeat
  • Do not understand the plan you have made to defeat him at another time

The moment your opponent thinks you are weak and have already lost the game, he has signed his defeat. Of course, this is true if you consider yourself a strong and victorious person from within and consider surrender as a strategy of retreat. Following this story, you can strengthen your forces and intelligently wait for the moment when your opponent shows his weakness. That’s when your day comes and you can show your true power to him.

Turn a request for help into a bargain

Turn a request for help into a bargain

There are times in each of our lives when we need the help of others. However, the way an intelligent fighter uses help to ask for help is different from ordinary people. Others may enter into helplessness when they ask for help and show themselves as small and needy in order to influence the heart of the person they want and convince them to help them.

However, a fighter turns asking for help into a deal. Instead of pointing out his weaknesses and begging for help, he commences a deal and talks about the positive aspects and benefits that this help has for the other person. The fighter in our story shows the other person that this deed is more helpful for the opponent. This creates a win-win situation as both get what benefit them.

Never ask for something that you have the power to obtain it yourself.

Be your own life’s author

People want everyone in the world to be like them. If they find someone who is slightly different from them, they label them differently and put so much pressure on them. A fighter does not accept the role that others give him. He works so hard on his self-confidence, self-esteem and inner power. Instead, as an ancient sculptor, he creates his own identity and enriches his character.

Fear is dangerous, opt courage

Fear and courage are two sides of the same coin. Although fears are inherent in us and keep us away from dangers, they work like a drug. If we allow them to infiltrate our lives, they will at least burn everything valuable in our lives. Fear is dangerous since it robs us of the power of action.

On the opposite side of the coin, there is courage, which is very scary, but not dangerous. It is courage that breaks down the boundaries and makes us a better, stronger and more respectable human being.

Remember, courage does not mean that we do not feel any fear. The law of power means to be brave, it means to be afraid, but to move forward despite our fears. Man has no external existence without fear.

Doing something you love or believe in with all your being can reduce the power of fear in your life. On the other hand, if you start something you do not believe in from the beginning, the fears put on the cloak of hesitation and tie steel chains to your feet so that you cannot walk.

So before doing anything, weigh your interest and belief in a topic and analyze it. In this case, you can take a smart step and choose the best option.

Power does not cause corruption. Fear creates corruption; Perhaps the fear of losing power.

Act like a king

Power does not cause corruption. Fear creates corruption; Perhaps the fear of losing power.
Act like a king

You may have seen people humiliate themselves in front of others, as if they have no self-respect and have accepted all human beings on earth as their king and lord. Such people not only hit their own lives with hammers, but also make others feel uncomfortable.

A fighter never does that. Even if he’s supposed to leave the victory of an argument, battle, or deal to his opponent, or use a strategy of retreat, he does so as a powerful and wise king, not a weak, defeated, and worthless person.

Remember, being a king or a beggar has nothing to do with your bank account zeros, real estate documents around the world, or your gold vaults. A sense of self-worth is not something you can buy. This feeling is an inner light that when it is lit in someone, others unwittingly respect him and express politeness in his presence.

All human beings on earth are the kings of their land. When a king acts like a beggar, others see no reason to recognize his homeland. You are the only king and your only servant. Reign with justice, fairness, respect and very power.

Do not play with time

Do not underestimate time management and mastery of seconds. If you cannot manage your time, not only will your productivity decrease but you will also give your opponents a big weakness to use against you.

After all, time management is not limited to getting things done on time. A large part of this is due to your ability to manage action and stop times in a variety of situations.

For instance, if you are trading or participating in a discussion, you need to know when is the best time to enter or even exit a transaction.

During the discussion, time management tells you when to speak and when not. The law of power is actually completed by having the right time management. Time management allows you to manage yourself and your reactions. This can save you a lot of trouble.

Penetrate into people’s hearts:

There are many ways to get what you want. Among them, two ways are used the most:

  • Use force and show off the power of influence, coercion and intimidation of others
  • Use the power of love

The first method has no consequences. Because the people who have lived for many years in the fear and suffering that you have created for them reach a point where they are willing to give up their lives but no longer breathe under the shadow of your oppression.

People who have nothing to lose and no one to support are very scary as they rely only on their inner strength. Therefore, no barrier will last against them.

On the other hand, the second path and penetrating the hearts of others is what makes you eternal. If you can become the king of the hearts of others, respect them and not laugh at their challenges, you will inadvertently form an army of powerful human beings. These people will do anything for you. Because they have tasted the love you have shown them and the honesty you have shown in your work. In this way, you can achieve your desires by entering the hearts of others, and both parties will win the deal.

Mahatma Gandhi:

“There are two types of power. One is created through fear of punishment and the other through love. The power gained through love is thousands of times more effective and enduring than the power of fear of punishment.”

What was the main message of the author in this book?

What was the main message of the author in this book?

In The 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene teaches his readers methods by which they can achieve appropriate positions in their work, personal life, and social identity. Everyone can benefit from these rules according to their lifestyle. The author of the book wants to give the taste of power to his readers and make them aware of what is going on behind the scenes of the game of power.

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