book summary of “ The 5 AM Club ” by Robin Sharma

Being an early bird at “the 5 Am Club”

Life has many details. This is why sometimes people, despite a lot of effort, do not achieve the desired success or if they do, they somehow lose it. In the meantime, there are people who seem to have reserved a large portion of success for themselves. They do not fail, they constantly grow and achieve whatever they want in life. What is their secret? Why does life fold with them in a different way? What different things do these people do in their lives? To find the answer to this question, we went to Robin Sharma. He is the author of The Five AM Club, and in his book he has made valuable remarks about the dawn and the secrets of morning success. If you are looking to experience a different form of success, join us on PrivateMillionaire.Club and better to read this book summary ” The 5 Am Club ” by Robin Sharma .

Jonathan Swift, 17th century writer:

“I do not know anyone who has reached greatness or importance and stays in bed late in the morning.”

From attempting suicide to attending a self-help conference

The entrepreneur had failed. In fact, the correct definition was that technically, her partners had deceived her and expelled their former boss from the company she had started from scratch.

She had lost all her prestige and wealth and had no reason to live. For this reason, she thought it would be better to end her life and save herself from all this pressure and humiliation.

As she looked for suitable ways to commit suicide, she stumbled upon a conference ticket on self-improvement and self-knowledge. She did not believe in these conferences and considered them something of a hobby for the unemployed. Now that she wanted to end her life, she thought to herself, it is not bad to try this too.

For this reason, she postponed her death a little so that she could attend the conference on time. Little did she know that by stepping into this conference she would never return to her former life.

The last speaker, the last speech

Finally, it was time to attend the conference. The entrepreneur sat on the chairs with a thousand others and prepared to listen in disbelief. She thought that sitting in this chair and listening to someone who thinks he has something to say is better than sleeping in a coffin.

The speaker came on stage. At a glance it could be said that he is more than eighty years old. He spoke calmly, firmly, and with confidence. The speaker turned to those sitting in the hall and told them, “Life is too short to spend it in sorrow, despair and regret for the days lost. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Each of you has had glorious days in your life, and even days full of failure; yet somehow you were able to get past them and get to today.

You should be proud of yourself. But you should not stop at the same point. You can achieve success, wealth, health, love and abilities beyond your past. To do this, you must put aside excuses, fight your fears and do not forget your faith: Belief in yourself, the abilities that God has entrusted to you, and the belief that you were created to win.”

Everyone in the hall was listening and their hearts were pounding with excitement. Even the entrepreneur stared at the speaker in bewilderment, and her past mistakes flashed before her eyes like a movie. She concluded that her defeat was the result of her wrong decisions and that she could still win if she wanted to. Suddenly, something unexpected happened. After a few small coughs, the speaker fell to the ground and lost consciousness. It was as if enlightening the hearts of the people was the last beautiful thing he did in his life.

The entrepreneur, artist and homeless man; strange triangles on a strange day

After what happened to the speaker, the hall was filled with noise. Everyone was talking and expressing regret over this incident. In the meantime, the entrepreneur met an artist. Of course, this was not strange at all, since in that hall, different people had gathered to achieve different goals. Some were looking for lost inspiration in art, some were looking to grow their business, and some, like Ms.Entrepreneur, were looking for motivation to make a living.

The two discussed the fate of the speaker. They both hoped the speech man was not dead. To them, the speaker was an interesting and hopeful man. He speaks as if he believes in all the words that flow in his tongue. While the entrepreneur and artist were talking, a disheveled man approached them with dirty clothes and unkempt faces.

The entrepreneur thought he was a beggar, or at least a homeless man who had come to help, yet it turned out that he was also one of the people present at the meeting and wanted to talk to the speaker about what the speaker had to say. The tangled man looked really questionable. Although his clothes were dirty and he did not look tidy at all, he wore a very expensive watch. The artist guesses that he is either a rich man with no interest in fashion or that he has stolen a conference ticket and that watch too! The entrepreneur thought almost the same way, but they both chose to keep their guesses and keep their distance from this strange man as much as possible.

After a short talk, the confused man told them that not only was he not poor, but that he was very rich. No one believed him, but the confused man continued his speech. He strangely wanted to know which part of the lecture the entrepreneur and artist liked. “I liked everything he said,” said the artist, who did not mind answering the question. “That’s why I recorded them all!”

Upon hearing this, the confused man and the entrepreneur were startled! “This is illegal,” said the entrepreneur. “You should not have recorded his words!” yet the artist did not listen to these words and talked about freedom, liberty, law and in short, that he can do whatever he wants. After a brief and peaceful chat, the confused man and the entrepreneur listened intently to listen to the important recorded parts of the speech.

An energetic morning, the missing puzzle of success

The confused man, the entrepreneur and the artist talked about many things. From education, books and music to business and management techniques. But there was something that the confused man cared about;

He looked at the artist and entrepreneur with confident eyes, saying, “All you need for your great success is dawn. “When you have a full morning of energy, you can easily work and move forward many times over.”

The confused man claimed that waking up enhances the quality of human life, strengthens positive qualities in human beings, and brings health and wealth.

With the words of the confused man, the view of the entrepreneur and the artist towards him gradually changed. He was now seen not as a homeless man but as an informed, experienced and, of course, insignificant person in the eyes of others. He constantly talks about great people and their advice.

This showed that the confused man was very studious and, of course, had a very good memory for recalling what he had read.

The confused man turned the conversation back to dawn, saying that the secret to success was hidden in the early hours of the morning, when most people were asleep.

Intensive morning training course

Shortly before the three-person conversation ended, the confused man asked the entrepreneur and artist to come to his house for a while. He promised them that during their stay he would teach them all the photos of the dawn and teach them how to build his own empire. It was shocking for the entrepreneur and artist to hear this offer.

Although both of them were influenced by the confused man’s words, it was not easy to trust a stranger who had only been with him for a few hours. It is understood that this unfamiliarity also applied to the entrepreneur and the artist. Eventually, they accepted the invitation. The confused man was supposed to follow them the next morning, somewhere near the door of the conference building.

The next day, the artist and the woman entrepreneur, who had been experiencing the morning atmosphere for so long, waited behind the closed doors of the conference building. Little by little, they thought that the confused man had put them to work and taken all those stories and professions away from him. Until a stylish car stopped in front of them. A driver on behalf of a confused man was looking for an artist and an entrepreneur. Everything seemed to be becoming a reality.

Surprise in travel

After traveling by a private jet, they arrived on the island of Mauritius. The artist and entrepreneur were satisfied that they trusted the confused man.

In addition, they learned that his real name was Mr. Riley, and that disheveled appearance was one of his most interesting ways of not forgetting ordinary life. The scenery of this beautiful island immersed the travelers in our story. Nevertheless, that was not all the excitement of their trip since a bigger surprise awaited them.

Prior to the entrepreneur and artist arrived at Mr. Riley’s house, they saw a man on the beach. At first it was thought that he was Mr. Riley himself yet they came across someone they did not think they would ever see.

He was none other than Mr. Speaker! Yes, he was not dead and now he was looking after them safely. The speaker explained to the two that he had known Mr. Riley for a long time and that he knew him as an honorable, great, generous, and very wealthy man.

The astonished entrepreneur and artist sat on the beautiful sands of Mauritius beach and thought for a few minutes about the strange things that had happened to them during the day. It was as if someone had planned everything for them.

Meet Mr. Riley and his strange promises

At last the long journey came to an end, and the two excited travelers arrived at Mr. Riley’s house. He greeted them warmly and spoke to them about dawn from the very beginning.

Riley explained that he had learned the habit of waking up from Mr. Speaker. The speaker was, in fact, Riley’s advisor. They met from a young age and have continued their friendship until now. “When you wake up early in the morning and do the morning ritual, you can be as productive and energetic as a normal person,” Riley said. You will no longer have to worry about running out of time.

By doing this, you will always have enough time for both yourself and job. Being an early bird forces you to be active at the hour when your mind is most creative. “In addition, your body will make the most of this situation and your health will be guaranteed.”

Look deep into the lake

The next morning, Mr. Riley took the entrepreneur and artist to the beach to teach them dawn lessons. He spoke to them about superficiality and the problems it poses to humans.

“Most people in the world suffer from superficiality,” Riley said. They are not interested in getting to know the deep side of their stories, works and even their lives. Because of this, their lives do not improve and they always remain where they are.

Riley believed that if people went deeper into their work, they could live completely differently. It was at this point that the entrepreneur complained, saying: “not everyone can delve into everything in their lives. For instance, I cannot delve into every single message that comes to me and respond to all of them carefully.” “That’s exactly why you have to stick to one thing and avoid doing several things at a time,” Riley confirmed.

Having talent does not guarantee the success

A few days had passed since the artist and entrepreneur stayed on the island of Mauritius. During these days, Riley would give morning lessons to his guests at five o’clock in the morning. One day he talked about the relationship between talent and success. “There are many people in the world who have interesting talents,” he said. However, not all of them succeed, because they do not believe in effort and commitment to their goals.

“On the other hand, those who are not very talented but who strive to achieve their goals with effort and commitment will undoubtedly meet successfully.” After this conversation, the entrepreneur complained about the lack of time for personal development.

“You’re right,” Riley told him. Life in our time is strangely compressed. We do not have enough time to do all our work.

That’s why we have to turn to dawn. Because by doing so, we can dedicate a small but very useful amount of time to ourselves. Waking up at five in the morning will rebuild your inner treasures and promise you an energetic day.

Remember, in order to get the most out of these golden times, you need to get rid of all limiting beliefs. Because you become what you think you are.

If you feel that waking up in the morning is nothing but a waste of time, there will never be a change in your life. “So, before doing anything, clarify your task with your beliefs.”

All the while Riley was talking, the entrepreneur was writing down the golden notes of her words in her notebook.

Intensive session of changing habits in Taj Mahal

The tangled man who is now the story’s billionaire took the entrepreneur and the Artist to India to teach them another part of the dawn training package. He believed that there was a unique spirit in each place, and this had a positive effect on a deep understanding of his teachings. For this reason, he taught his students in different countries.

The billionaire told the two that joining the Five Morning Club is not an easy task. For this reason, many people spend all their precious time in the morning asleep and carefree without being aware of their precious treasure.

You need to make it a habit to get up at dawn, and for more than two months you have to wake up at five o’clock every morning.

This will help you to open the gates of steely discipline and willpower to resist temptation. He stressed that starting does not mean success. Rather, it is constantly continuing and moving in the direction in which it gives life, beginning, and the opportunity to meet the face of success.

Remember, to create a new habit, you have to break an old habit and build your new habit steps on the ruins. If you are a little lazy in building your new stairs, even a breeze can easily destroy it. So be careful not to let the chaos of your mind get you off track.

A powerful program for magical mornings

Billionaire took entrepreneur and artist to Italy for next lesson. He decided to teach his students the most important lesson of dawn in this beautiful country.

The billionaire told them that just waking up early in the morning does not make them rich and healthy, and if they cannot manage this precious and short period, they will not achieve anything. The billionaire explained to the two that they should divide their morning meal into three categories:

  1. Strive for being healthy
  2. Nourish the soul and deepen your thoughts
  3. Personal growth and development

His disciples looked at him more curiously than ever. The billionaire man continued: “You cannot get where you want without the health of your body. So you should always dedicate the first part of your morning period to exercising.

After that, you should spend a little time praying and meditating in order to nourish your soul. Finally, you need to go to good books or online tutorials so that you can increase the depth of your knowledge and awareness.”

The plan the billionaire man explained to his students was a major development. Since the artist and the entrepreneur did not do any of those things at any point in their lives.

They slept late at night, slept almost most of the morning, did not go to books and study after school and university, and did not believe in nourishing their souls. But now somewhere in the most beautiful part of Italy, they were standing in front of very rich strangers and learning about these things.

Honorary members of the Five Mornings Club also fall in love

The intensive dawn training course lasted more than a month. During these days, the entrepreneur and the male artist went through many adventures and experienced many firsts together.

Little by little, without knowing it, they fell in love with each other. The billionaire also wholeheartedly supported their decision and covered all their wedding expenses. Unaware that an adventure beyond their imagination awaited them.

Their first gift was all the shares that the entrepreneur’s partners had taken from her. The billionaire bought all those shares and gave them to the entrepreneur as a gift. The second gift was a rare and very valuable painting.

The billionaire said that if they sell the painting, they can live comfortably for the rest of their lives. The entrepreneur and artist were very excited to receive these gifts. The billionaire asked them to share with everyone what they had heard and what they had learned during the trip.

This was the only wish of a man who had sincerely taught them all his valuable life experiences. The billionaire died a few years later yet the memories he left in the world were still alive and well.

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