book summary of “ The Instant Millionaire ” by Mark Fisher

The Instant Millionaire

Do you want to get rich? If you could get rich secrets without delay, how much would you be prepared to pay for it? In fact, the secrets of getting rich have been revealed by various people for years. No one can claim to have heard these secrets at least once. What still causes poverty in the lives of many people around the world, despite knowing these secrets, is disbelief and inaction. In this part of the House of Capital, we go to read the book The Instant Millionaire by Mark Fisher, and take a different look at the secrets of wealth. Stay with us.

A crucial meeting

This book begins with the concerns of a young accountant. Although he works as an accountant in a company, he knows full well that even if he does for the rest of his life, he will not see the signs of wealth.

After all, he was immersed in debt, and no window of hope flickered before his eyes. The situation of the company and its work was not so good. His boss abused his low position under various pretexts and put all his work on him. The salary the young man received was not commensurate with what he was doing during the week.

Small but impressive decision

Indifference and despair had spread like a virus to all the employees of the company. All of them, out of compulsion and only under the pretext of that salary, kept on coming to work.

The young man could no longer continue. So he thought to himself that if he went into writing, he could find a way out for himself. Nevertheless, he was afraid to quit his job and was afraid of his colleagues’ reaction to becoming a writer.

He went to the door of his boss many times with his resignation form, but he could not gather his courage and submit his resignation. Time passed on, but he was still chained to that desk full of files.

In this predicament, he remembered one of his uncles. He thought to himself that maybe talking to his rich uncle could show him the way.

He called his uncle and made an appointment. When the young man’s uncle found out about his nephew’s problems, he was very surprised instead of upset. He criticized the young man’s way of thinking, saying that too much work had nothing to do with getting rich.

The young man was very confused as in the 32 years of his life, he lived every day with the hope that more work would save him from this predicament.

Hidden quest to reach the state and wisdom

Now his uncle had questioned all his beliefs with a few simple questions. When the young man’s uncle saw him in this day and age, he assured him that he would not hesitate to help him. But he should not be expected to receive monetary assistance due to the fact that as long as he cannot fix his relationship with money, no amount of money will make him rich.

The young man’s uncle wrote the address of a person named ” The Instant Millionaire ” on a piece of paper and asked his nephew to visit him.

The young man’s efforts to persuade his uncle were in vain because he told the young man nothing more than this address and writing a letter of recommendation. He promised his nephew that he would not read the letter of recommendation under any circumstances.

The young man came out of his uncle’s house with a sealed envelope in his hand, the address of a stranger’s house in his pocket, and flames of hope burning in his heart.

An instant millionaire, a gardener who was not a gardener!

An instant millionaire, a gardener who was not a gardener! | The Instant Millionaire

The young man walked away and went straight to the millionaire’s house. On the way he thought to himself and fantasized about this man full of mystery. When he got close to the house of the instant millionaire, he could not resist his curiosity and, contrary to the promise he had made to his uncle, opened the letter of recommendation.

Seeing the blank sheet, he lost all imagination and even thought to himself that his uncle might not have mistaken the letter of recommendation for another sheet. However, he returned the paper to the envelope and headed for the millionaire.

The housekeeper, who seemed very serious, got along well with him. The young man showed the letter of recommendation to the guard and, to his surprise, was able to enter the millionaire’s house immediately. While in the garden, waiting for an opportunity to meet, he met an old gardener.

Meet the gardener

The old man asked why the young man had come to the place. The young man also said that he wanted to use the millionaire’s immediate advice for the rest of his life. Shortly afterwards, the maid came and asked the old man to pay her $10 to pay a staff member.

The old man reached into his pocket and gave him $10 out of a handful of $100. Witnessing this, the young man realized that this strange gardener was the instant millionaire.

As it got dark, the millionaire invited the young man to dinner and asked him about his job. It was discovered that he loves his job and only complains about the situation he is in.

In fact, the young man knew there was a problem but did not know exactly where the problem was. The immediate millionaire believed that believing in getting rich and hoping to get a government and wisdom was the first step to breaking the barrier of poverty and debt.

He continued: “Many people work more than eight hours a day but have no purpose in life and do not even hope that one day they may become rich. In this way, they close all the ways to wealth to themselves. Remember, when someone is not ready to hear the secrets of getting rich, even if you look him in the eye and tell him the secrets, he will continue his previous life and the water will not move.”

The secret of getting rich and gaining government and wisdom

The young man finally had the opportunity to read in private the secrets of getting rich, for which he owed $25,000. Yet again, he gained nothing but a white paper. He said to himself that these two old men must have joined hands to drive me crazy. He felt like he was deceived and was exploding with anger.

He constantly blamed himself being fraud. On the other hand, a frightening thought crossed his mind. Did he not say to himself that this whole affair was a handful of tricks and deceptions to kill him?

After thinking about it for a few seconds, fear filled his whole being. Getting rich was no longer an important issue. He just wanted to stay alive!

He tried to leave the room unnoticed, but the door was locked from the outside. The only window in the room was several meters from the garden floor and it was not possible for him to escape from the window. He did a leap in the dark and rang the bell, calling the waiter. But to no avail. The young man fell asleep from exhaustion, full of fear and anger.

It’s weird, but you have to believe me!

The next morning, the young man tried to go out again, but this time he did not need to throw himself into the fire because the door was open. He hurried downstairs.

He said to himself that now I would leave the account of this deceitful old man in my palm. Contrary to popular belief, there was no sign of cunning on the old man’s face. He was sitting quietly in the reception, just like the day before.

The young man went to him and asked him about the piece of paper. He told her that he was upset by the behavior and wanted to get the hammer back right now.

The old man, however, insisted that he had really given him all the secrets of becoming rich and gaining power and wisdom. It was as if the young man was completely defenseless against the rhetoric and the reasons the old man was explaining to him.

Overnight, he withdrew a $25,000 check, bought a white paper, and now believed that the white paper contained the mystery of getting rich. Even though he knew his work had become very strange, something deep inside him said, “Give it a try!”

Where are you and where are you going?

The Instant Millionaire | Where are you and where are you going ?

The millionaire immediately handed the young man a pen and paper and asked him to ask any questions he had. Firstly, he started asking himself. The old man realized that the young man had a very vague goal.

In fact, he just wants to get rich, but it has not yet been determined how much money he means by wealth or when he wants to achieve it. The millionaire asked the young man to mark both on paper.

The young man resisted a little at first, but then turned to the pen and wrote $50,000 on a piece of paper. Although such an amount was not very good for the old man and he expected a higher figure, but in the end, he accepted.

The millionaire told the young man that the path to getting rich and achieving government and wisdom goes through human beings, but most people, regardless of this issue, are just looking to do more and hope to be able to work for 12 hours a day. They want to arrive. While all this is not going to work.

The Controversy between Wisdom and Truth

The instant millionaire believed that the figure that people take to get rich in a year – if they do – of course – is the value they place on themselves.

If they are not satisfied with their current life or think that they are worth much more than these numbers, they have no choice but to change their attitude towards life. Perhaps in the meantime, their minds, which are looking for the safest and easiest job, stop them from moving.

In this case, they must change their attention from the mind to the voice of their heart. Of course, this does not mean that one should not think wisely or that analysis is ineffective in the process of achieving success.

This means that our view of reason should not be one of analysis beyond our view of the hammer. They are just tools, nothing more.

The young man remained silent and listened intently to the millionaire. He continued: “Your biggest problem is that you have filled your mind with colorful limitations and left no room for further movement. The first step in changing the tax situation is to work on your mind.”

Immediately after the millionaire’s quote, the young man returned to his room with an assignment. It was decided that until the old man went to his roses, the young man would review his time and the amount of his wealth over and over again, and in the meantime write down everything that went through his mind.

The power of words

The millionaire sent the young man into a room and, without realizing it, locked the door behind him. The young man, who had not yet realized that he was imprisoned in a room, came to his senses when he heard the sound of a printer. The machine was constantly printing a sentence that said: “You will die soon.”

The young man was very scared to see this situation, he went to the door but it was locked again. He shouted with all his might, slammed the door with his fist and even tried to call the police, but none of this worked.

The old man staged as if he were a professional assassin coming into the room. The young man was about to empty the mold and suddenly the old man stood in the doorway and smiled at the young man.

When the young man realized that the whole affair was staged, he complained to the old man.

The millionaire told him, “I did nothing, I just used a few words to scare you.” Let me see, weren’t you the one who said that words have no power and it is not possible to reach government and wisdom from their hearts? Take a look at yourself. “Do you still think so?” The young man realized his mistake and slowly leaned back in his chair.

The hidden power in mental imagery

The hidden power in mental imagery | The Instant Millionaire

Shortly afterwards, the millionaire started talking. “You have inadvertently filled your subconscious mind with negative mental images, and you have been doing this for years without interruption,” he said. That’s why doubling your income in one year or getting rich in six years is unbelievable and even funny to you. “You have to replace the word ‘I cannot’ with ‘I can’ in your mind.”

“But I really can’t do it,” the young man answered, confused. “How can I keep saying to myself ‘I can’ when I still do not believe in this ability?”

“You have to deceive yourself a little to get rid of the effects of years of sabotage,” the old man said. I will give you the answer before you ask again. To do this, you have to play the role of the person you want to be with the same feeling as an actor. That means you have to consider yourself a rich person for the next six years and from now on you will feel that you have reached your favorite wealth and even more. In this way, your mind also takes the form of a new format that you define for it. “This is the way to put the right people, incredible opportunities, wealth, government and wisdom in the path of your life.”

The millionaire advised the young man to use the power of inducing powerful and purposeful words to change the negative mood of his mind.

He continued: “Negative thoughts act like a car brake for the mind that seeks wealth and success. It does not matter how much you press your foot on the accelerator pedal, if you do not take your other foot off the brake, the car of your life will not move even one centimeter. Remember that you have to plan carefully for each of the years ahead and using numbers. Only then will your movement towards the goal take on a real form. When you constantly repeat the desired amount and the time to reach it, the subconscious mind accepts it and provides a powerful plan to get rich and reach your government and wisdom. Just as he had an extraordinary plan to defeat you, your debt and your poverty.”

The millionaire advised the young man to repeat his one-year plan and goals for himself over and over again every day, and to consider it an important exercise.

The real secret of life

The old man turned to the young man and said, “The real secret of life is to be happy and to feel free. If you do not enjoy what you do, you are captive, if you do not live in the present moment, you are still captive. “You have to look at money and wealth only as a tool and make the most of it to achieve freedom and happiness.”

The young man thought a little when he heard this. “But I do not see any way out,” he said. “I have no money in the bank, I am in debt and my monthly income is not enough to go to my favorite job.”

“I’m giving you $25000,” said the old man. This was exactly the amount my teacher gave me to become a millionaire. Now I give you this loan to use to build your wealth. “But you have to promise me that one day you will do the same for someone who, like you, seeks to discover the secret of wealth.”

The shocked young man, eagerly promised.

The next morning, there was no sign of the old man. He had left a will for the young man, in which he had given him all the books in his library.

The young man found the old man among the rose bushes while he was no longer alive. He was able to achieve the desired wealth six years ago.

The young man later wrote a book about meeting a millionaire and sharing the secrets he had learned with people around the world.

What was the main message of Mark Fisher in this book?

This book, Mark Fisher sought to provide those who seek this knowledge with real ways to become rich. According to him, the excessive simplicity of these secrets has caused most people to ignore their power and live without changing their lives. This book is a summary of the true knowledge of getting rich that should be read over and over again.

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