book summary of “ The Living Your Best Year Ever ” by Darren Hardy

This book is one of the best motivational books in the field of success, written by Darren Hardy, a famous motivational speaker and author. He, who is a successful person himself, explains the principles of success in this book and also mentions 8 principles. Darren Hardy believes that in order to achieve goals, one must have careful planning and courage. The main sections of this book are as follows: [ The Living Your Best Year Ever by Darren Hardy ]

Section 1: Success and personal growth of individuals

Section 2: Planning this section teaches you what you need to do before, during, and after planning, a tutorial that can erase all previous misdiagnosis from your mind and is a straightforward path. Put it in front of you to get started.

Section 3: This section includes exercises from last year and analysis of the past year, to define new goals, this section can be considered as a run-off and then a major leap forward.

Section 4: This section includes planning for the new goals you have defined. In this section, suitable forms for weekly, monthly and seasonal planning are designed to help you design your own unique schedule. Programs that are written exactly for you and are fully functional and executable.

8 basic steps of the “Living Your Best Year Ever”

8 basic steps of the “Living Your Best Year Ever”

As mentioned, the book defines 8 basic principles or steps, which are summarized below:

1- The first step, goal setting

Writing goals on paper gives us ten times better and more results. Writing speeds up the achievement of goals and this can be considered as its most important benefit. This will make you focus on them after writing and keep your mind away from the margins and obstacles of achieving your goals. But the important point is that in order to achieve the goals, one should not stop working, the main condition for the realization of the writings is to start working. Goals must be quantitative, clear and transparent.

2- Second step, review

This prevents mistakes from being repeated.

3- The third step, be grateful

This section points out that we need to focus on our strengths and weaknesses. Positive thinking is also one of the important points mentioned in this section.

4- The fourth step, life evaluation

Real success is not in being one-dimensional, so this section emphasizes that success is defined in all aspects of life. This section suggests planning in all aspects of life and believes that you should draw this plan in a circle so that it rotates properly.

5- Fifth step, having a big plan

In this section, 10 rules that you need to design the main roadmap for your success are introduced. These include writing and updating thoughts, creative thinking, defining big goals, being positive, fighting for goals, and letting go of limiting beliefs.

Step 6: The magic parameter that brings extraordinary results

In this section, you are defined as the most important parameter of success, when you change, the path to achieving your goals will be paved.

7- Step 7, working plan

Flexibility and having a plan and plan in different scenarios in order to use the opportunities and threats are among the most important issues in this section. Any information you have about your plan and goal is subject to change, the future is unpredictable, and change is certainly inevitable, so be flexible, and the interesting thing is that every change has a chance, maybe your life chance is something. You did not expect it at all.

8- Step 8, taking action

What is more important than all the previous steps, and what brings all the results of the previous steps closer to the result, is this step, action!

In fact, this book takes the reader by the hand and goes step by step from the past analysis to the definition of new goals and how to stick to the goals. The most important feature of the book The Best Year of Your Life is that it encourages the reader to be pragmatic and write goals as clearly as possible. What adds to the impact of the book is that the audience who is now writing should follow purposeful exercises at the end of each chapter to get the most out of it. Making the best year of your life requires strengthening the parts of your being that need to grow and flourish.

Three important conditions

Darren Hardy mentions three conditions in the book, each of which affects our lives and our goals:

  • Environment

Live your life according to the standards you set, stay away from anything that affects your environment and reduces your energy.

  • Entrance

This section emphasizes positive thinking. The input you give to your brain will have a huge impact on its output.

  • links

The influence of the people you are in contact with is undeniable. Successes and failures can also be linked to your communication. Get to know those around you and choose to continue or cut ties with them due to this high impact.

What questions does the book answer?

Darren Hardy, who has written several other books on success, believes that in this book, it can show the path to success that the general public will reach in a lifetime, but the necessary background is the reader’s passion and motivation. He defines the important skill as the ability to identify, pursue and achieve the three important steps to success. Darren Hardy in the book believes that if you start reading this book, life will never be the same for you. The important point that is instructed in the book as well as in the book itself is to write and record the goals clearly, to the extent that the book itself defines exercises in this regard at the end of each chapter. In a part of the book, Darren Hardy says he helps the reader find the answers to his questions, such as:

  • What is your main purpose in life?
  • What motivates and motivates you?
  • What helps your passion to last long enough to reach your strangest and most unattainable goals?
  • Do you remember all your big childhood dreams? Dreams you could not wait to grow up to achieve?

Who is the author?

Darren Hardy is a former writer, consultant, speaker and publisher of Success Magazine. He started his business at the age of eighteen and in 2007 became the publisher of Success Magazine, a magazine specifically designed for the growth of entrepreneurship and personal and professional development. In 2010, he authored the book, “the Compound Effect”, a best-selling book on the impact of day-to-day decision-making on people’s success, which includes a hands-on guide to achieving goals. His other best-selling book, “The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster”, published in 2015, describes the challenges and problems of doing business for entrepreneurs.

In 2016, he was named Speaker of the Year by the American National Association. He is now one of the most prominent and best coaches in the field of success. Darren Hardy says in the book that he learned to plan in his personal life from the age of 18. He had a goal of achieving six-figure income before the age of 19, which he achieved, and in pursuit of this goal, he achieved other goals such as earning one million dollars a year, wealth of several million dollars, and which he also achieved. This mediator considers himself one of the greatest believers in goal setting in theory and practice. He says somewhere in the book that he has studied and practiced greedily in his life and is constantly improving to get better than his previous year, now he knows that this program works and in this book he teaches this skill to his readers.

Why should we read this book?

We have come to terms with the fact that every year will be like last year or just a little better, and we will not even allow ourselves to get excited about an unlimited future. We set boundaries for our aspirations, goals and imaginations and sacrifice the full manifestation of our existence in harmony with society. The book mentions that throughout history, only 3% of the people in the society have been the ones who have made progress and progress in the society and the rest have been the only consumers. He gives himself and congratulates in advance that you want to be in this 3%. Here are some of the most important concepts mentioned in this book:

  • Define a specific time frame to achieve your goals
  • Do not look for the ideal conditions to run and continue the path of success.
  • Set high standards for yourself and get one step closer to them every day.
  • One of the most important pillars of success in this book is persistence and patience.
  • Success is impossible without setting the right goal, so in this book, the goal is considered even superior to intelligence. But the definition of this goal must be precise and clear.
  • It is very important to challenge your way of thinking.
  • Be serious about achieving your goals.
  • Nothing in the world can replace stubbornness, get up and continue after every fall.
  • Think about your strengths and focus on them.
  • Success is a way forward, so you need to see if you are moving forward and growing every day.
  • In every human being, there are potentials that have not been realized and must be addressed.
  • Define big goals, goals that are hard to reach and require a lot of effort, but at the same time as challenging, achievable goals.

Reading this book in three steps can be helpful:

If you have a goal, this book will help you get started and teach you how to implement and implement it. If you do not have a goal, this book teaches how to set goals, the important skill of goal setting is one of the most important teachings of this book, and if you have problems in your planning, this book has both tips on proper planning and how to stick to the plan and teaches how to execute it.

What skills does the book give the reader?

In this book, once you have mastered the basics of goal setting and learned how to prioritize your goals, it is time to complete the book’s daily, monthly, and annual schedule. That’s right on time! That way you can finally get to the Saturday where all the change starts! Saturday is the exact time to get to it, so it can be said that the Living Your Best Year Ever in a complete planning office that forces you to put all your work in order. Therefore, it can be said that this book is a chain. It covers zero to one hundred planning and goal setting and no matter where you are, reading this book will help you be more professional and scientific in achieving your goals.

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