book summary of “ The Power of Habit ” by Charles Duhigg

Do you want to develop new habits or get rid of old and bad habits ? The issue of changing habits or creating new habits is a common challenge for all people around the world. It can even be said that the secret to human success in work and life is to have good habits. The more good habits we have, the smoother our path to success. [ The Power of Habit ]

Ray Dalio, Entrepreneur:

“Choose your habits well. Habits are the most powerful tool in your brain’s toolbox.”

You are a collection of habits

You may be interested to know that a large portion of the things we do every day have nothing to do with our willpower or courageous decisions. In fact, they are the result of habits that have been formed in us over the years.

These individual molds have taken control of our actions and decisions and made us what we are. An even more interesting point here is that if we want to become something other than who we are, we must change our habits.

Build a farm to cultivate new habits

How do you make a new habit? This may not seem like a big deal when it happens automatically, Because your mind unknowingly sets this complex process into a mental pattern. But when it comes to doing it yourself, you have to go back a few steps, analyze your mind, and create new patterns for yourself after discovering the way in which your mind turns simple and complex behaviors into patterns. The good news is that several scientists, philosophers and researchers have long sought to discover this great mental mystery and extract it from the hearts of thousands of hours of research.

According to the results of this research in the book The Power of Habit , to develop new habits, you must follow three rules. That is, your mind accepts behavior as a pattern that has these three characteristics:

  1. Choose a clear and unambiguous task and put a clue in it.
  2. Repeat it as a continuous routine that revives your sense of passion and satisfaction.
  3. Consider a prize for it.

Your mind loves new and simple tasks and avoids repetitive and complex tasks. In fact, this is why it turns habits into definite patterns; Since he wants to save himself from the hassle of constantly analyzing complex tasks. On the other hand, it does not do it for free. If there is no reward, he will never bother to use millions of neurons to build a new model.

When it comes to prizes, you should not think about money or weird things. Because your mind does not need material things at all. The only thing that makes him accept something as a reward is the good feeling he gives you. Let me give you an example.

Imagine that you want to instill the habit of exercising. As we said, the first step is to create a clear clue. This clue should be something that is directly related to exercise. For example, you can put this clue in wearing sports clothes.

The next step is to consider a sense of exercise routine. It is best to take advantage of your own sense of taste or smell and tie your routine to a taste or smell. For instance, you can drink a glass of healthy juice with any taste you like right after exercising and then smile big.

The third and final step is the prize. You can consider the reward of exercising as having a body that you are proud of or even watching a program that you like. Many of the rewards that lie in habits are earned over time. Consider, someone who wants to lose weight using this system, his final reward is to reach his desired size.

So, once you have tied your daily routine to a definite and happy feeling, you should immediately visualize the final prize in your mind and enjoy it. The more you insist on repeating this process, the stronger the habit that will sprout in you and doing it will become the easiest thing possible for you.

How to change old habits?

The power of habit means changing old and troublesome habits such as smoking, overeating and even getting out of work, which play an important and crucial part in our lives. For example, if we can break the habit of smoking, we will experience a healthier life and a longer life. If we put aside the habit of overeating, we will have a fit body and a healthy body, and if we break the habit of not doing and giving up, we will see great progress in our lives.

The point to know is that habits never go away, they change. It may be a little difficult for you to accept this.

Let us look at the habit building cycle. We said that habits are formed in three steps; Create specific clues, tie the daily routine to a sense and consider the final reward.

To change an old habit, you need to keep the clue and the reward and focus on changing the daily routine and the feeling that is tied to it. This way you can get rid of the hassle of bad habits. In fact, you are dependent on the feeling that doing it constantly creates in you. If you find a way to create that feeling in a healthier way, you can control the behavior you want. But how? Be with us in PrivateMillionaire.Club .

Start by identifying the clues

What factor or action turns on the key to doing the habit you want? For example, when do you want to take a pack of cigarettes out of your pocket and smoke? Or when do you feel the urge to eat high-calorie junk food? Your first task is to identify this specific time or feeling. For example, you may find that when you feel anxious, you crave sweets, or when you feel tired and anxious, you subconsciously reach into your pocket and look for your cigarette. You may need to monitor yourself for a few days to be able to identify this hidden key.

Know your final prize

The final prize is the last puzzle that your mind uses to build a powerful and unforgettable habit. Let’s go back to the example of eating sweets. In that example, when a person was worried, he would go for sweets. Because by eating sweets he could quickly get his favorite prize, which was the feeling of peace.

What rewards will your habit lead to? Once you find it, describe it a little on paper. For example, write that when you put sweets in your mouth, how do you feel, think and adventure? What inner conversation do you start with yourself? And how is your final feeling described? Writing these things will help you to change your habit more easily.

Start a replacement

You have identified clues and rewards. In The Power of Habit after recognizing the reward, now it’s time to manipulate the habit of achieving this habit. To do this, you must use an alternative to your routine that will take you to the same end prize. In the example of sweets, you ate sweets when you were worried. To stop this behavior, you need to substitute something for sweets when you are worried – the same clue – that will make you feel calm. that is, your reward.

To avoid stress in your mind, it is best to substitute a sugary snack – such as raisins, a very sweet fruit or even flavored water – but a healthy one. In this way, you can use your taste buds to leave the same sweet taste. You can even use your sense of smell instead of your sense of taste. Always have a soothing scent with you and smell that scent as soon as you are in front of the clue. Remember, you know yourself better than anyone else. If you take the time to do this, you can use your creativity to incorporate different but healthy things into your routine.

Report your progress to someone

Reporting your progress to others will help you stick to your habit change plan. After all, when you report your work to others, the story becomes more real to you. In the meantime, you can use the concurrence of others to overcome the challenges of your path.

Believe that change is possible

One of the factors that, kills your efforts to change your habits is the existence of false and debilitating beliefs. When you believe that you will never get rid of your old habits, you give your greatest support to the destructive beliefs front with both hands and trap yourself in the bondage of these habits.

Believing that change is possible and good days will come will give Johnny your feet to stand up to these habits. You should not get caught up in the fear that you may return to your habit after all this effort and self-control.

Believe that the universe will respond to your efforts. In that case, your inner strength will reach out to you and rush to your aid in ways you cannot even think of, so that you can safely pass through this stage and emerge like a butterfly from the cocoon that was wrapped around you.

Remember, your belief makes a truth. So take your new steps with courage and believe that you can become a much better person because the power of belief affects as much as The Power of Habit .

What was Charles Duhigg’s main message in The Power of Habit?

Charles Duhigg

The Power of Habit ” was a book based on years of real research , study, and experimentation on different people. With the help of research data, Charles Duhigg aimed to find a way to change destructive habits and replace them with healthy ones. He found that when people could identify clues, routines, and rewards in a habit and combine them with their own beliefs, they would be able to extract humanizing habits from old destructive habits.

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