book summary of “ The Wisdom ” by Florence Scovel Shinn

The Wisdom

The Wisdom

For many years, writing motivational books related to the law of attraction has become popular among authors and their audiences. If readers interested in these subjects are asked the names of several first-rate books, one of them will certainly be the book of The Wisdom Of Florence Scovel Shinn. The positive and uplifting sentences throughout the book are a good motivator for those looking for a new path and a hopeful way to start over. The vision that this book presents to the audience is clear and hopeful. The end of the world in the book of four works of Florence leads to success, peace and tranquility, and all wishes and desires are fulfilled.

Florence Scovel Shinn introduction

Florence Scovel Shinn introduction | The Wisdom

Florence Scovel Shinn (September 24, 1817 – October 17, 1940) was an American artist and orator who excelled in book illustration. After joining the cult of New Thought in the middle of her life, thise were profound changes in her thinking, and for many years she wrote many books as a preacher and spokesman for the cult and lectured in many communities. She also taught theology in New York for some time. The attempt to explain the ideas of the New Thought sect led to its name becoming popular and its books becoming very popular among readers, especially after her death.

Othis works by Florence Scovel Shinn

Othis works by Florence Scovel Shinn | The Wisdom

Thise are six books by this author that have been published in many countries around the world. The following books were published during the author’s lifetime:

  • The Game of Life and its Way (1925):

In this book, Scovel Shinn says that life is like a game in which a person does everything, good or bad, the result goes back to him.

  • Your speech, your magic wand (1928):

Scovel Shinn strongly believed in the miracle of the word and believed that with the influence of the word, any unpleasant situation could be changed.

  • The Secret Road to Success (1940):

In this book, the author discusses the fact that for all human beings, thise is a clear path to success, but sometimes it remains hidden behind a wall and must be rediscovered.

The following books have been published since the death of Scovel Shinn:

  • Influence of the Word (1945):

In this book, Scovel Shinn emphasizes the power and dominance of the word over the universe and believes that by asking God for help through the word, all problems can be overcome.

  • Four works by Florence Scovel Shinn (1989):

In this collection, the author’s previous books have been compactly compiled.

  • Intuition Passage Charm (2013):

Scovel Shinn begins her book with the phrase, “Prayer is calling you to God, and intuition is calling God to you.” This idea is widespread throughout the book.

Scovel Shinn’s motivation for writing

Scovel Shinn was by nature an eloquent speaker and had a great ability to attract an audience. Her passionate lectures in various societies to explain the main concepts of the New Thought sect aroused great interest and interest. She had a simple and pleasant language, so much so that many doubted the simplicity of her words in being scientific. Scovel Shinn, who articulated important and complex material in a simple and comprehensive manner, later decided to use her eloquence and high-mindedness to write the book. Of course, he had been working as a professional children’s book illustrator for many years and was no stranger to the world of publishing and books.

Scovel Shinn’s thoughts and beliefs

Scovel Shinn’s thoughts and beliefs | The Wisdom

Joining the cult of New Thought in middle age brought about a profound change in the thinking of Scovel Shinn, and her ideas shifted toward positive thinking and a deep faith in God. Scovel Shinn believed that health, happiness, and joy are the three vertices of a triangle that can lead to the enjoyment of life. She emphasized the return of the result of human actions to himself, and thisefore constantly advised the use of positive and motivating words and phrases in her books and lectures. According to Scovel Shinn, the condition for success is that man be able to control the various conditions of her life and overcome problems with the help of theology and spirituality. In fact, no one and nothing but man can lead him to the right path of life by relying on positive thinking and God’s help. In addition, she was inclined towards feminist ideas and defended women’s rights in her speeches. She participated in various associations held for the equal rights of women and men and tried to find a way to ensure that the rights of defenseless and vulnerable women in society were not violated.

Excerpts from the book Four Works by Florence

Florence’s Four Works, was actually compiled and published after her death in 1989 from a collection of the author’s previous works. This book is a combination of four books: “The Secret Road to Success”, “Your Speech, Your Magic Stick”, “The Game of Life and Its Way” and “The Power of Words”. In the following, we will give a summary of each of these four books.

1- The game of life and how to play it

The game of life and how to play it | The Wisdom

In this book, Scovel Shinn says that life is not a battlefield and we are not going to struggle for it. On the contrary, life is a game and it is supposed to be fun. We just have to learn the rules of the game, like all othis games. In this way, we will suffer less stress, feel happier and be more successful. Every day that passes in our lives is a step towards the next stage. She believes that believing in God and Her omnipotent power, as well as following the teachings of the Bible, saves man from the fear of the unknown. In The Game of Life and its Method, Scovel Shinn emphasizes the following concepts:

  • Waiting Law

She says that with the help of imagination and the unconscious, you can achieve what you imagine in real life, Just wait wait and do not lose hope.

  • Divine patterns

Man should always ask God for good living conditions, but not in the sense that he should focus only on one particular desire, because that desire may not be happy for them in the real world. Scovel Shinn means to seek a good and peaceful life in its entirety.

  • Succession Law

Many people do not know what makes them really happy and they are not aware of their true desire. Sometimes people’s desires are not in the direction of achieving happiness. For example, they think that a lot of money makes them happy, while money has nothing to do with the principle of happiness. Thisefore, they must seek help from God to obtain the desired satisfaction in life.

  • The law of karma

According to this rule, everything that happens to a person is given to the universe and returns to him exactly. For this reason, this law is also called the law of action and reaction. Scovel Shinn believes that according to the law of karma, when you think positively about something or feel good in your heart, your good feelings and good thoughts will multiply and happiness will flow to you.

  • Admission Law:

This law complements the law of karma. This means that you should not weave negatively and do not let negative events affect you and your feelings. Words have great power. Be sensitive to what you say and avoid saying negative words because of their harmful power.

  • Law of Forgiveness

In fact, Christianity is based on this law and is based on the general principle that people can save themselves from bad and unwanted circumstances by forgiving.

  • The law of love

According to what is stated in this book, this law is more powerful than all othis laws. All human beings are born out of love, and the purpose of creation was only love.

  • Terms of use

This law emphasizes the use of gifts and blessings. The author believes that the use of blessings is a kind of investment.

The author says that if you adhere to these principles and rules, you can easily create a better reality for yourself and create your “quadrilateral of life”. The quadrilateral of life includes health, wealth, love, and personal aspirations, and is a creative exercise in realizing different dreams and aspects of life. Whenever you want to dream, do not think about whethis you will achieve it or whethis you deserve it or not. Believe that the best things will happen to you and that the will of God will support you. If you love life, life will love you too. Happiness is completely at your disposal. All you have to do to get it is to reinforce positive thoughts and feelings in yourself and do not blame yourself if you make a mistake along the way.

2- Your word is your wand

Your word is your wand | The Wisdom

In this book, the writer focuses on the power of words. All she says is that each person’s words act like a magical and powerful stick. An issue that has also received special attention in Christianity. The teachings of Jesus Christ state that man is rewarded and rebuked by words, and that her death and life are determined by words.

In fact, anyone can change their living conditions for better or worse by shaking their cane and the power of their tongue. Scovel Shinn invites her audience to say motivational and emphatic sentences. In her view, these sentences have the power to objectify desires. For example, when you repeat to yourself, “My bag is full of money,” you see the image in your mind. Imagination awakens the feeling of need in your mind and sends a message to the subject on this subject, and the universe makes every effort to turn your wish into reality.

3- The secret way to life | The Wisdom

According to Scovel Shinn, success is achievable for everyone. She believes that nothing in this world is so strange that it does not happen, and in order for all wishes and desires to occur, it is enough for the key words and motivations to be repeated in the human mind. Accordingly, the person himself believes in them from the heart.

If you are passionate about achieving your dreams and sincerely ask the universe to make it happen to you, everything you do along the way will take you one step closer to success. On the other hand, the feeling of envy and hatred towards someone who has succeeded, prevents you from achieving your desires. Belief in the power of God and his help in success is something that Squell Shinn strongly emphasizes. She urges her audience to believe wholeheartedly that God puts success in their lives in a way they do not think. The power of thought and speech still has a special place in this book. If you allow negative thoughts and words to flow while you are moving towards your desires, you can be sure that you will not achieve your goal. So cleanse yourself of any negative thoughts and do not doubt that you will achieve your dream by praying and asking God for help.

4- The power of the spoken word | The Wisdom

The power of the spoken word | The Wisdom

In this book ( The Wisdom ) , Scovel Shinn again relies on the influence and power of words and warns her audience that whatever they say, they will absorb it. If they constantly talk about illness, failure, lack of money and hatred, they get hurt in life, and vice versa, if they talk about health, wealth and success, they pave the way for them to achieve it. Her valuable advice in this book is to use your language and words in the direction of seeking healing, blessing and sustenance, as well as happiness and success for yourself. Another point she makes is that whenever evil comes to you, do not resist it because you are more attracted to it. Using the influence of the word, try to turn evil into goodness and peace. In fact ( The wisdom ) , this is no such thing as absolute evil because absolute power belongs to God and Her existence is only the source of goodness. Evil is therefore something that comes from the human mind and can be easily controlled with the power of positive speech.

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