book summary of “ THINK AND GROW RICH by NAPOLEON HILL “

In “ THINK AND GROW RICH (1973)”, Napoleon Hill examines the methods of the 500 most successful people of his day, including the richest people, top politicians, famous inventors, writers, and business leaders. Here you can find a brief summarization of the book:

Think and Grow Rich

This book first published in the midst of a massive recession and sold more than 100 million paper copies. He mentions that, we can only achieve our goals in life if we have a burning desire. Many of us aspire to wealth and financial independence, but aspiration alone does not help us achieve our goals. In order to be rich and achieve our dreams, we must create a burning desire within ourselves. For example, even after failing more than 10,000 times in his experiments, Thomas Edison did not give up on his goal of inventing an electric light source. Undoubtedly, he had a desire to make his dream come true. After years of effort, he did the same thing with the invention of the lamp. A writer named Fanny Harst had a similar experience. He was rejected 36 times until one of his short stories was finally published in a newspaper. Since then, his career as a successful novelist and playwright has peaked. His burning desire was stronger than the helplessness caused by the opposition of others, and he finally succeeded. So we, who are looking for success, must examine our personal mentality about setting goals and dreams. How do we feel about our goals and dreams? Are they dreams and fantasies? Alternatively, is the burning desire so strong that one day it will make them a reality?

Wise goal setting and planning are the basis of any achievement | Think and Grow

Wise goal setting and planning are the basis of any achievement | Think and Grow

What is highlighted in this book is that all success stories begin with those who know their purpose. So before pursuing any dream, you need to define your personality as accurately as possible. For instance, if you want to get rich, you have to specify the exact amount you want. In addition, you need to know exactly when you want to reach your goal and what you are willing to invest in it. This is because if your goal in the future is uncertain and you pursue it with only a little enthusiasm, setting a precise goal is no longer useful. You need to design a plan that outlines all the steps you need to take to achieve that goal. After designing the program, get to work! Do not waste even a moment. If you want to do something that your passion for success is deeply rooted in your thoughts and actions, the following method will work for you. First, write down the exact goal and plan to achieve it. Then read it aloud twice a day:

Once in the morning when you wake up and once the night before bed. By following these tips, you can achieve wealth or any goal you want much more easily!

Successful people have control on almost every single situation

Hill is aiming to mention that having strong faith in yourself is one way to make sure you can achieve your goals. You can only succeed if it is based on self-confidence and firm belief in yourself. Without this faith, no wealth has been gained, no continents have been discovered in the distance, and no inventions have been made. One clear example of the power of faith was Mahatma Gandhi. Even without access to the usual tools of power (such as money or the military), he was able to resist British colonial power and liberate his country. His only support was that he believed it could affect his countrymen so much that they stood by their common goals. Self-belief has a huge impact on self-esteem and lifestyle. It can literally help us move mountains. By using self-indoctrination, the subconscious mind can influence our behavior. Strong faith in oneself is not necessarily something that is born or brought from the wind. Indoctrination is one of the ways you can influence yourself with very precise and purposeful thoughts or ideas. In general, indoctrination convinces you that you can achieve your goals; your thoughts can become reality and you must go your own way with confidence. The more you instill in yourself, the more it will help you succeed. If you instill your desires and goals in your subconscious, it will guide all your thoughts and actions towards the realization of your goals. Knowledge is power, yet it is not necessarily what you learned in school. With knowledge, you can achieve your goals in life much more easily. You just have to consider a few simple points. You must first get the “traditional” meaning of knowledge and education out of your mind. Because higher education is not just a high school diploma or university degree. “Uneducated” people may also know a lot about Henry Ford.

Although he did not attend high school, he built an industrial empire and amassed millions of dollars. You do not need to keep a lot of points in mind to be successful, the most important thing is to gain the right experience and knowledge, use your strengths and make the most of your potential. The most important basis is to be thirsty for learning all your life. Carelessness is your biggest enemy. Instead, divert your thinking to good things in life. There are several ways to do this: go to college, attend night courses, or gain hands-on experience. Another important point is to know where you can get the necessary knowledge, because you do not need to know everything yourself. Instead, think of these as actions that you must take on a regular basis. It is usually much better and more practical to have experts around you who share their expertise than to learn everything yourself. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will increase your chances of success. One of the most important components of a successful career is being aware of your strengths and weaknesses; In other words, it means to be self-aware. Because issues such as vague goals, lack of motivation, procrastination, and reluctance are common causes of failure, you can consciously work constructively on these weaknesses, or at least thwart them with your strengths. To accurately identify your strengths and weaknesses, it is best to analyze yourself thoroughly and honestly. Do not worry, you do not need a psychologist. Just look at a few questions that should be included:

Have I reached my goal this year? Was my behavior friendly, polite and cooperative? Did I make all my decisions quickly and decisively? Then you have to compare your mental analysis with the objective evaluation of another person. In this case, it is better to sit with someone who knows you very well to talk freely and honestly about your strengths and weaknesses.

Positive emotions are the key to a successful life and should be reinforced

Positive emotions are the key to a successful life and should be reinforced | Think and Grow

Our subconscious mind receives and stores sensory stimuli, feelings, and thoughts. It has saved all our negative or positive experiences so far. But storing information is not the whole story. The subconscious mind always affects our actions. It may have a positive effect on us, give us strength and initiative, but it may also have a negative effect on us and lead us into sadness and pessimism. In this case, if we want the subconscious mind to help us achieve our desires and goals, we must make positive emotions play a major role in our lives. So we have to “instill” positive things in the subconscious mind, because by doing so it will act as a useful and constructive guide. But if we allow too many negative emotions such as anger, hatred, revenge or pessimism to form in us, the exact opposite will happen when in everyday life you can, for example, avoid contact with pessimists and engage in discouraging professions. Do not listen to them, you have taken a huge step. Instead, divert your thinking to good things in life, such as passion and love. This is the only way you can create a positive mindset in the long run.

Successful people are in control of almost every single situation | Think and Grow

Successful people are in control of almost every single situation | Think and Grow

An analysis of the life stories of more than 25,000 people, who failed at work in this book, shows that the main reason for their failure is lack of willpower. On the other hand, the analysis of the success story of multi-millionaires showed that they all had two things in common: they used to make decisions in a fraction of a second, and after making a decision, they stood firmly behind their decision. Some stubbornness (until staring) may even be helpful. In particular, Henry Ford is known for staying true to his decisions for a long time.

Only people with the will would be successful | Think and Grow

In “THINK AND GROW RICH by NAPOLEON HILL”, we read that during any project (regardless of its nature), we will all inevitably face obstacles and problems. Under these circumstances, most of us abandon our plans very soon and the project stagnates. However, some people stand by their first plans and give space to their dreams to become a reality. Willpower and endurance are important, we must always work on achieving our goals and not forget them. But stubbornness and old thinking must be avoided at all costs. For example, if there is a vital need for price reform, you must be willing to implement it. You have to have a tangible goal and find a burning desire to achieve it. You need a detailed and comprehensive plan to help you achieve your goals. You should not let negative and negative comments affect you. You need a close and trusting relationship with the person or people who will support and help you. These are the rules of a special exercise program that will help you increase your patience and endurance.

You have to be smart and socialize with smart people to achieve great things

You have to be smart and socialize with smart people to achieve great things | Think and Grow

The larger the goal, the more complex the planning and the more complex the planning, the more difficult it is to accomplish the goal. The more difficult the goal, the more the brains behind the project rely on the creative, mental and emotional support of others. The best form of this mutual support is to form a mental coalition of a certain group of intelligent people. Social-minded coalition of like-minded individuals, unlike networking (which is mostly informal collaboration between partners), focuses on defining a common goal, enhancing competencies, and building a system of oversight and balance. The most important principle of mental cohesion is its synergistic effect: if two or more people who work well together combine skills, talents, expertise, experience, relationships and all other possessions and use them to achieve a common goal, the result the will be greater.

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