How to have control over business Expenses

How to have control over business Expenses

In any economy, good or bad, one of the smartest things a small business owner can do is constantly monitor costs and discover new ways to reduce them. Here are some tips to help you reduce costs while investing in your company’s success.

Travel light

With increasing airfare, hotel fares and of course the pandemic, business trips are rapidly depleting cash. If possible, reduce costs by avoiding business trips. Instead, use video conferencing or conference call technology to meet potential clients, clients, and partners.

  • Want to set up a traditional conference call? VTech Conference Phones Eliminates background noise in conference calls. Wireless microphones allow participants to move around the room and still be clearly heard.
  • Make conference calls using the AT Conference with any landline or mobile phone. There are several levels of service, including conference calling, web-based conferencing, and operator-assisted conferencing. You can only pay for a few minutes of monthly usage.
  • Do not need a phone and just want a web conferencing solution? There are apps that offer conference calling and screen sharing. The initial plan is free, or you can get additional features such as recording, session tools and scheduled sessions free.

Rewards programs usually offer the most benefits when you stick to the same airlines and hotels, and instead book directly with the airline or hotel through the travel website. If your business travel needs do not allow it – for instance, if you travel around the world regularly and have to use different airlines, or if you live in cities with a limited selection of hotels, save your time. Use online travel tools to find the lowest rates for your next business trip.

There are sites that save you time by comparing the best deals from hundreds of travel websites on cars, flights, hotels and more. Unexpected trip? Although is primarily focused on leisure travel, is a good place to find last minute deals on hotel accommodation and airline flights.

Independent thought

You may not think of them as a cost, but staffing and related costs are the biggest expense for most small business owners.

If it is possible for your business, outsource some of the work to independent contractors. Employee benefit costs such as health insurance can add up to 30% to an employee’s annual salary, but independent contractors do not receive benefits, which can save you money directly. (Talk to your accountant first to make sure the people you plan to hire as independent contractors are not defined as employees by the Internal Revenue Service. Otherwise, you may face heavy fines at tax time.), and are the three most popular sites for finding independent contractors and freelancers. All three allow you to list jobs or projects and hire independent contractors in a wide range of industries including IT, marketing and sales, office, graphic design and more. Sites make things easier by providing tools that allow you to work with your contractors, manage projects, and keep track of time. Finally, each site offers secure payment options and acts as an intermediary for payments. You only pay when you are satisfied with what has been done.

Do you have workers in several places or employees who travel a lot for business? Cash is not the only solution when employees need to buy without your approval. Control employee spending by using a prepaid business credit card such as a PEX card, which allows you to pay a certain amount for staff spending and limit costs? You control the limits of the cards and you can change them online at any time.

Cut the overhead expenses

Otherwise known as operating costs, overheads include ongoing costs that are necessary to run your business but are not directly related to your product or service. These usually include rent, materials, and utilities. Overhead costs can quickly waste money. Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce overhead costs. Try these:

Let your employees work from home at least occasionally. Allowing everyone to work from home on the same day or day of the week will save your business water and electricity costs on days when the office is “dark”.

  • Keep your remote team connected with a tool like, which offers group chat and instant messaging along with page sharing and file sharing. HipChat Basic is free. HipChat Plus starts at $2 per user per month.
  • Do you have great visual projects that require collaboration, or is brainstorming an important part of your business? Maybe you own a web publishing company, an interior design business or a wedding planning company. View it all remotely using, which lets users upload and browse content, including photos and videos. Provide feedback; Take notes and draw ideas on a virtual “whiteboard”, all in real time, yes. A team account costs $10 per user per month.

Save on bills. Utilities are likely to be a big part of your overhead. Most small businesses waste energy without realizing it. Contact your local power company for energy audits and advice on ways you can cut costs. Most utility companies offer these services free.

Consolidation. Would you like to save all your workspace costs in one simple payment instead of paying separate bills for rent, utilities, internet access and more? Alternatively, maybe your business is such that you do not need a dedicated, full-time office at all, but working from home is not entirely right. Examine shared workspaces in your area or office space providers. They offer a wide range of options, from using the full-time office with telephone, post, internet and reception services to the necessary use of offices or conference rooms. Prices for meeting rooms start at $ 30 per hour.

Slash vehicle costs. Reduce car costs Does your business rely on delivery vehicles, commercial vehicles or a fleet of trucks or vans? Consider buying a pre-certified car that almost every manufacturer offers these days. Pre-certified vehicles are worn-out vehicles that undergo rigorous quality inspections before sale and are offered with a limited warranty.

If you are worried about increasing fuel costs to the initial cost of buying vehicles, it may be worthwhile to pay a little more for green cars now to reduce your fuel costs later. There are thousands of eco-friendly vehicles to choose from.

Do not miss miscellaneous expenses

Do not miss miscellaneous expenses

When it comes to expenses, small children can add a lot. There are many simple ways to reduce costs that can lead to huge savings.

For instance, you may be able to exchange products and services for other businesses instead of buying. If you own a web design company, you may offer free design services to a public relations firm for a fee. You can trade directly with businesses you know and trust, or you can join an online exchange like, or to connect with other traders across the country. If you are exchanging individually, be sure to write down the terms of each business contract. In addition, remember, the IRS considers traded goods and services to be taxable income.

Another good way to reduce it is to rely on the cloud. Storing documents and data in the cloud saves paper, ink cartridges, printers and file cabinets – but it does not help the planet. Cloud storage options like Dropbox and Google Drive offer free cloud storage, which is more than enough for most small business needs, but if you need more space, you can upgrade to paid versions.

It is also important to review your business policies annually. Many entrepreneurs renew their policies every year without any questions. Instead, talk to your insurance agent or broker about ways you can reduce costs while maintaining adequate coverage. For most savings, it is a good idea to work with a broker who represents several insurance companies, not just one. He or she can help you compare policies to get the best rates for your business.

Start with the basics

To control your cash flow, start by learning the basics of accounting. Even if you have an accountant or accountant who manages your finances and daily accounts, it is important to understand the general principles of accounting and how to apply them to your operations. The Local Small Business Development Center and the SCORE (Retired Executive Service) office offer one-on-one classes and training in small business accounting. You can also check out courses at your local college or adult education programs.

Simplify money management by choosing accounting software that lets you easily control your cash flow and prepare financial reports. Choose an application that integrates with your bank account so you can see your current financial situation.

In conclusion

Whether you own a single business or a company with multiple locations and dozens of employees, maintaining your business cash flow is critical to success. Simply put, cash flow refers to the revenue and cash outflow of your business. Just like your personal current account, a lack of funds for essential expenses can put you in a world of harm. However, by monitoring and managing your flow, you can ensure that your business has enough cash to cover expenses and that you have enough extra money to invest in the growth of your business.

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