Frequently Asked Questions about Individual and Business success

Success is one of those words that everyone has their own definition of. One sees success in money and wealth and another in fame, one sees in personal growth and the other in life satisfaction or even laziness.

Do not doubt that if we pay a little more attention to the word success and its definition, we will see that there is a definition for each person in the world. Therefore, never forget the important point that if one day someone is going to define success for you, that person is none other than yourself.

In order to gain success throughout your life and career you should consider the following FAQs:

1. What is your definition of success?

This question is important. Many of us are looking for success as defined by society or someone else. You must first clarify your goals and what criteria you want to achieve.

2. Have you ever achieved this in your career?

You may be successful in your opinion, yet you have not acknowledged it. If you are, celebrate the fact that you have created a success that means something to you.

3. If you already feel successful, how did you create it?

What was the main reason for this success? Make a list of actions or attributes that led to this victory. If you already have a sense of accomplishment, it is important to understand what is behind it and how you can cultivate it in your life.

4. If you have not yet achieved the success you want, what will prevent it from happening? Are you or something?

This is a problem, but it is important to be honest here. There are many ways we can prevent ourselves from achieving what we really want. Beware of the psychological burden you may be carrying. Look for toxic people, behaviors, or personal thoughts that you need to remove from your environment.

5. Are you looking for approval from someone other than yourself?

Sometimes it is hard to tell when you are trying to get approval from others, but think about the important people in your life. Do you enjoy sharing your achievements with them, even if they do not feel good about you? If you measure success by others, you will never feel it yourself.

6. Do you care what others think?

We all care about what others think. This is part of being human! Do you do something that seems good to others but does not feel good to you? Does money impair your ability to do the things you enjoy? Do you ever feel that what you are doing is for “show”?

7. Do you make an impact in the world that makes you feel good?

Do you help other people or make a difference in the world (however small!) That targets you. If not, then you may be dissatisfied with your life. Feeling satisfied is just as important as covering your bills and feeding yourself. Realization is the key to gaining motivation and energy to wake up in the morning.

8. Do you want to feel successful or look successful?

Most people optimize their appearance instead of how they feel. It is important to know which one you want and which one you live for.

9. Do you believe that you can create the opportunities you aim for?

Self-confidence, tenacity and constant self-belief are the key to success. Find a daily routine that allows you to overcome any negative messages in your mind and any time it may stop you.

10. Do you have someone to support you regardless of your ability to succeed?

Having support is important. Whether it is a partner, friend, family member or mentor, you need to have someone come to you and help you no matter where you live. Answer all of the above questions and become clear about one of the areas you can focus on this week that will allow you to move toward your definition of success.

Having this clarity allows you to understand when you are tired of trying to do something that is really for someone else – not yourself. There is nothing better than feeling successful every day, no matter what others say.

Questions to ask yourself

1. What do I want?

What do you want from life? Vague ideas do not work. You need to be able to say exactly what you want. Your mind needs direct commands. Create a clear vision of what you want to be, do and have. Identify the most important things you need to do to begin moving toward your vision. Keep that vision at the forefront of your mind and start taking the right actions. Knowing what you want is like pointing an arrow at a target.

Without a target, how do you know where to shoot? This way you waste all your arrows and have nothing to show for it. Your result is your goal. Aim for all your focus, energy and resources to achieve that.

2. What is my plan to get it?

Now that you know what you want, how do you plan to get it? If you cannot plan, you have planned to fail. The book “Think and Get Rich by Napoleon Hill” has a complete chapter on the importance of having a clear plan.

The book has concepts that change lives when you apply them. Hill talked about having a clear and concise plan with a strong desire to run it. Notice that he talks about a “clear and concise” plan. If you do not have a map, how will you reach your destination? Having a plan saves you time, effort and money. That is why it is so important to learn from people who have been through this before. You can learn what works and what does not.

You may be able to avoid some mistakes and speed up your progress. Just because you have, a plan does not mean that everything will work out. Most of the time it will not be like that. However, you can modify the course in a way. Having a clear plan will move you towards what you want.

3. Do I run my own program?

You can know what you want and have the best program, but if you do not do anything, nothing will happen. Do not be reckless and accidental. Act smart! You cannot avoid the law of action. Laziness is the enemy. They will destroy you if you let them. Run starts low. As you increase the winners and increase the acceleration, you increase your activity.

Anthony Robbins says in the book of “Awaken the Giant Within”:

“When you start something, you can take large steps and still see no results. The operation has a time delay. When you continue to act, you reach the climax where your efforts begin to return to you. Focus on performance and results will come.”

4. What are my benchmarks?

Measurement of progress is something you can use to measure your success. If your goal health is related to your success, measure can be your weight or beauty. If you have a financial goal, your criteria is the amount of savings or return on investment.

5. How do you respond to failure?

Failure, failure, rejection and failure. You will experience them all. Failure is an essential component of success. How do you respond when you experience failure and failure? Are you leaving since it’s so hard?

Alternatively, do you keep moving forward? What if every failure was a sign of progress? Life is a set of problems that must be solved. It comes very soon when you solve each other. Solve problems the way you progress. It is important to take action and move yourself in the right direction. Choose to answer like a winner. Stay calm and rational. Always look for an opportunity that is hidden within failure. You cannot succeed without fail along the way. If you want success, you are better off dealing with failure.

Business growth FAQs

Do you know the details of your original and ideal buyer?

The biggest killer for small businesses is a common habit that tries to be effective for all people. It is true that you can have a wider target community, yet if you want to achieve the satisfaction of all people in every group of the community, you will undoubtedly face a failed business. In this situation, the process of marketing, introducing and selling the product cannot have a clear and comprehensive plan and is very likely to fail.

In order to be able to improve your sales process, try to find the details of your main buyers. Are they usually male or female? Are they the educated strata of society? Are they ordinary people or senior executives of different companies? In addition, other questions that will help you to know which group or groups of the community are the main part of your buyers. Knowing this, you can do your marketing and sales in a specialized and focused way.

Do you have a sales process plan?

Another question you need to ask yourself is whether you have something in your business as a sales process. Many people know the sales trend by knowing the number of weekly sales and comparing them to each other or having a turning point in their sales volume; while the sales trend is something that helps, you plan for more sales in the future. Ask yourself as a business owner:

Do you have a plan for marketing?

In addition to phone calls, do you have a plan for marketing and selling via email, social media or voicemail?

Do you have a way of knowing your goals and priorities?

Is your method standard for contracting with customers?

Are you sure that your services and products will meet the needs of future customers?

Will the details be well defined in your contracts?

Do you have a way to manage your accounts?

If you sell a physical product, do you have a plan to deliver it to the customer?

These and other questions that are relevant to your business should be asked by yourself and your senior executives, giving you a perspective on the sales process and helping you to measure your sales and success not only now but also for Guarantee the future as well.

Is your sales process documented?

In order to be able to evaluate and evaluate your sales process, you need to document it. To do this you need to do two things. First, write down the sales process and all the questions that the buyer may face before or during the sale so that your customers can buy from you without any ambiguity.

Use the built-in wiki and Google Docs to manage this process. In Google Docs, your users can log in and share their comments, suggestions and criticisms with you. Reviewing these reviews will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and improve your sales process.

The second is to record the sales process from the beginning of your business so that you can study and analyze it well in different time periods. You can find out when you got the most and the least sales and investigate why.

By doing this, your team becomes familiar with better and more efficient ways to attract customers and can even change the sales process in general. Use sales and marketing consultants for this documentation. Since these consultants have worked with different companies and have a broader and better view of you.

Are there any companies in your marketing process?

In the first question, you found your ideal audience and decided to tailor your marketing and advertising program to their characteristics. In the second step, you can use customer knowledge to increase the sales process. In addition to people, you need to focus on different companies. If your products and services are such that in addition to individuals can be used by companies, be sure to have a separate program for them. The important point is that the form and manner of marketing for companies and organizations is different from individuals. You can also get help from sales and marketing consultants to succeed in this.

Do you have an efficient system for researching your customers?

When you can support your products and services to satisfy others, you can address their needs or interests. This is related to pre-marketing research. You need to know what your people and companies, interests and needs are in order for your telemarketing process to go hand in hand with marketing. but how? Your marketing and sales team can look at the general characteristics of users such as age and gender; review the content of social networks and their websites to be acquainted with their needs and interests to know how to attract the user’s attention to their products and services. . This step can have a serious impact on the success and improvement of your sales process.

How do you manage your customer relationships?

If your business is a busy one, one of the hardest things for you to do is find free time and schedule appointments, phone calls or video calls with others. Being able to set a specific time for each person will undoubtedly help you, yet it will take a lot of time and energy. This will also be a problem when one of your pre-arranged appointments is canceled!

To avoid this issue, you can leave the reservation of these times to your audience. How? All you have to do is announce your free time to your users so that they can set the time to contact you. Many successful companies have announced their free time in emails sent to users so that users can communicate with you more easily. The important point is that this step of the sales process improvement process is more suitable for successful and well-known businesses. So if you are still at the beginning of the road, skip this step.

In conclusion

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