How to capture someone’s attention in 30 seconds

Are you planning for a job interview or networking with new and professional people in a seminar ? Are you running to the elevator that Bill Gates is riding and you want to offer him an investment in your amazing idea ? To come over alike situations, you need a skill to get people’s attention and convince them that your words are valuable. we describe all the steps of attention in this article.

Let us tell you a fact: If you want to impress others very easily, you only have 8 + 22 seconds to do so!

Were you surprised? Basically, in the first 8 seconds of your first meeting, you make 80% of the other party’s mental judgments about you in his mind, and then you have 22 seconds to either change it or record it forever in the other party’s mind.

It is vital for you how to manage this 30-second opportunity, since you are shaping the foundation of your future relationship in these 30 seconds. If you can convince others in these 30 seconds that you are an honest and valuable person, you can be sure that it will be recorded in their minds forever.

Well, we know that these 30 seconds are crucial, but how do we make the most of them?

We have prepared a couple of basic and fully practical steps in this article for you, to present everything you are or have in an extremely effective way in just 30 seconds and to fascinate others…

Step1: Discovering Your Purpose

Presenting your product or character should include answers to the following 3 key questions:

1. Who are you? E.g. you are a graduate student who has an idea

2. What exactly do you do? E.g. you are working on your idea and you have worked with Mr. X and Mr. Y.

3. What is your main intention and motivation? For example, your main motivation is the mass production of this idea and entrepreneurship in the domestic industry.

So first, you need to figure out for yourself who you are. What exactly are you doing? What is your main motivation? And then go to the investor, the client or Bill Gates and pass them on to them. Otherwise, no one will pay much attention to what you say.

Step2: Numbering! People love numbers

After reviewing your resume, your product features, or your own characteristics at all; choose only 4 of the best and most important features and write them numbered. These 4 attributes should be the core of your resume, product or profile, and discard other extras.

If you mention more than these 4 important things, they will soon forget even these 4 things…

According to psychological statistics, people remember only 3 to 4 items from the list of items that are important to them; So do not waste your time and energy and that of the other party.

Step3: people love stories too!

People love stories, so tell them your story, they will remember you better.

Dale Carnegie:

“The human brain is inherently dependent, that is, it likes to remember shapes, poems, images, or anything that is related and can be separated and related.”

capture someone’s attention in 30 seconds

Step4: Be straight forward and do not waste people’s time

Whether your speech is for one person or for a hundred people, it will be effective [ and take their attention to you ] if it is understandable. This means that you should not use terms and abbreviations that are not understood by the general public and use them because you think it makes you an expert.

Expressing complex ideas means a red light in social relationships!

A good strategy for this, according to Einstein, is:

“Imagine that the audience of your idea is your old grandmother and she is supposed to understand everything you say.”

So try to formulate sentences and words in such a way that most people understand what you mean in the least explanation and in the simplest possible way.

Step5: Ensure that there is still room for further explanation

Once you have defined your compelling story, you need to make sure that you define it in such a compelling way that your audience will be thirsty for it… That is, your audience should excitedly ask you, “So what happened next?”

If you hear this question, it means that you have penetrated the heart and soul of your audience. You motivate him to connect with you, and that means a point in your favor, so do not always complete your story with additional explanations; Leave some ambiguous places to motivate your audience to fully understand the story.

Step6: scheduling

You want to meet a new person, have a short talk with your investor and persuade your boss to be interested in hearing you … Please do not try for more than 30 seconds.

If your effort was successful in the first 30 seconds, congratulations; yet if you do not succeed in the first 30 seconds, do not try another 30 seconds, because you will not get the result.

Instead, try your luck again or practice in private so that you can do very well in the first 30 seconds. The shorter you say, the more opportunity for the other person to think and remember.

Step7: Take a video of yourself (before the presentation)

You need to know what you look like when you tell a story.

Do you define it well? Are you trustable? Will people draw their own conclusions from your story?

How can you be sure that you will make a good impression?

How do you know if you have the utmost confidence in telling your story?

Practice, practice and practice, and before the presentation, be sure to film yourself several times to have a perfect presentation, or talk to yourself several times in front of the mirror and present yourself.

Step8: Have a presentation for your friends and acquaintances

After preparing your story, practicing and making it more engaging, you should practice it with your friends or family.

Ask them to stand up to you and you introduce them to the new product and finally get feedback from them. Ask them to critique as much as you can.

Practice until it is normal for you and you can say it out loud and confidently.

The influence of the word is not inherent. If you want your words to be as engaging and engaging as those of a movie star, you have to practice. Practice enough to perform your role well on stage.

capture someone’s attention in 30 seconds

Step9: Ask your audience for advice

Asking people for advice has an incredible effect on them and makes them like you more. This shows that you value and respect their opinion.

Everyone likes to feel that others need and care about them. When you make someone feel better about themselves, in the end they will definitely love you more.

Step10: Be real, not a robot!

People like to encounter established and noble characters. Although the principles of commerce tell us that we must be strong and maintain our authority (shoulders back, chin up and hands clasped), it is easy to go too far, and this can seem artificial to the other side. .

So it’s better to have a confident and respectful personality instead. Some experts have suggested that when we see a person, we walk towards him and when we are introduced, we lean forward a little, as if bowing. This type of gesture can have a huge impact on what others think of you.

Step11: Smile with emotion

It is true that we live in a digital age and technology is rapidly replacing human communication, but we are still social beings by nature. As human beings, we use social relationships to get feedback about ourselves, and many of our conscious and unconscious decisions are made based on the type of behavior and reaction of others to us.

There has been a lot of research that has shown how our mood, both negative and positive, affects other people as well. So it makes sense that when a sincere smile shines on someone’s face, their happiness spreads to their audience. If your positive outlook on life brightens another person’s day, you can be sure that they will love you for it.

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In conclusion

Researchers are constantly finding evidence that shows the link between confidence and success. People with high self-esteem who draw attentions often look more attractive. They perform better as salespeople and look better in interactive spaces. They also believe that they have the ability to face and control whatever life puts in their way, they are risk-takers, which in fact leads them to more opportunities.

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