Increase productivity by 80% by 3 revolutionary techniques

With the advent of technology in our lives, most people imagined that we could do more in less time, and this was the promise of the technological world. Yet, it is a well-known paradox that technology makes our work easier and increases our productivity!

Time & productivity

While most of the time it works the other way around. That is, not only does it not increase our productivity, it also reduces our productivity dramatically. To the extent that if life were without technology, you would be more than 120% productive based on MIT research! That’s a big enough number for this claim, but how?

Well, it’s enough to get to this point ourselves. Suppose you have at least 5 close friends, family and who can access you (each person has 22 people in their close circle: father, Mother, child, friend, colleague and etc. Well, now suppose these people want to connect with you.

Thanks to social networks today, whose creators are trying to make it as easy as possible for us to use, how many ways do you think these 5 people will have to communicate with you?

These 5 people can access through a fixed workplace number, your mobile number, SMS, email, social networks and various programs, which in total, on average, there are at least 12 ways to access every ordinary person in today’s world; well this is just the beginning!

3 revolutionary techniques to be more productive

The first thing you need to do during the day is turn off your cell phone within the first twenty minutes of the workday. Since if you do not do this, you may be tempted to check your last night or yesterday messages, and thanks to simple and understandable messages, you fill your mind with a series of useless and nonsensical information. It’s the best time of the day: early in the morning!

To get rid of this calamity, all you have to do is turning off your cell phone for at least an hour for a maximum of 20 minutes and work with your highest concentration. If you want to be more productive, meditate for 15 to 20 minutes at the beginning of the day before your working day starts. Meditation gives you indescribable focus throughout the day.

The second important thing to do is to have a technology-free Monday. This is one of the most fun and effective ways to increase your productivity. All you have to do on Mondays is  to commence the first day of the work week without any technological tools. Even if you cannot use a cell phone, do not use WiFi or any Internet search engine. Try to turn off your cell phone Internet altogether. No Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook or Google should be on the first working day. By doing this, you show yourself and those around you that your goals are more important, and you prefer to focus on your work goals.

Utilization of the internet distracts you from working

According to researches, people’s productivity increased by almost 80% by obeying this rule, and the interesting thing is that none of the people felt like they were losing anything that day! Turn off your internet before and after business hours.

This is not acceptable that owning high-speed internet (G4), justifies immersing yourself in the internet. No, it’s not… Even outside of working hours, your activities have a direct impact on your performance and productivity during working hours.

This means that you must not go on surfing the net at night before going to bed, as this way takes many hours chatting with friends about useless issues or watching funny clips that are not productive.

By doing this you will become less distracted because you do not have the Internet. So you try to keep yourself busy with more productive deeds such as reading books, listening to music, and/or spending time with your family, planning your schedule and many other useful things that you realize are worthwhile only in the absence of the Internet.

Definition of productivity

One of the things that all organizations and human beings pay attention to is the issue of productivity, whether their organization or themselves are highly productive. If we want to explain productivity in an organization in a simple way, it means the amount of output and profit of the organization in relation to costs.

That is, if an organization or an individual can reduce its organizational costs by maintaining quality, it can be said that it has created productivity. The ISO 9001 standard mentions a lot about productivity and one of the goals of this standard is to increase the productivity of the organization in the field of quality management system. However, our definition of productivity and its key factors include two categories of effectiveness and efficiency.

Here we have a definition of efficiency and effectiveness.


The extent to which the planned activities are realized and the planned results are achieved. The meaning of the above phrase is that whenever we have indicators related to planning and focusing on time, we are talking about effectiveness.


Efficiency is all about getting the most out of your resources. It means your business is able to produce more with less money and less waste. It also means you can operate day-to-day without making costly errors.

In conclusion

We all have the same 24 hours a day, so making the best use of time is very important. This does not mean working longer hours, but it does mean working smarter. It is important to know how to manage your time so that you can achieve the desired productivity. This is not a rocket science, yet it does require some effective tips and tricks to make sure you get the most out of your day and feel successful.

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