Modern Ways to Win Negotiations

Entrepreneurs are patient people. We would love to hear this. However, usually, knowing when to be quiet can be very rewarding. Discovering the ability to hold the tongue in the mouth is extremely important in the business world. Negotiation from start to finish is a dynamic process in which the two parties negotiate whether or not an acceptable agreement can be reached. Negotiation is an information flow and process through which information is exchanged, measured and used to form the basis for a decision. Each negotiation requires the collection and controlled exchange of a wide variety of Information to measure the success of both parties and estimates and possible agreements. This information includes the positions of the two parties, their needs, interests and goals. The above methods are proposed from different elites who know how to win negotiations.

Interact through a virtual medium

Face-to-face interactions are in favor of more powerful negotiators, according to research from Imperial College London presented at the British Psychological Association’s annual conference. As part of the study, 74 people took part in bilateral talks in which one side was stronger than the other. In another part of the study, 63 people participated in tripartite dialogues with different hierarchical levels. These conversations were conducted either in person or in the form of 3D virtual simulations. The results showed that less powerful people performed better in virtual settings. So you may want to ask your boss for a higher salary or a flexible plan by email.

Remember: it is not a personal matter; it is all about work

In the business world, there is a lot of negotiation and debate for the benefit of both parties, and that does not mean that if someone wants a lot of profit in the deal, then he is hostile to you; No. In fact, the party does not think about you at all, 99% thinks about himself and his profit. So whenever you want to make a decision, try not to be emotional, take a step back and ask yourself, is this the best solution? or am I the only one upset?

Pick up the phone

Email correspondence may be easier for most entrepreneurs today, especially internationally, but you will strengthen your relationship if you make it clearer who you are dealing with really is; just by calling. It has happened that we have misinterpreted what people have said via email. When it comes to making an impact; the phone is way better.

Click the “Clear” button

The idea that anyone can win an argument in the world of the Internet is ridiculous. For whatever reason, some people enjoy their Internet anonymity to make their words more offensive. Do not enter any dispute even if you are completely relaxed.

Do not look for the last word

You may feel good if you strike the winning punch, yet believe me, it does not matter, no one cares and the one who cares does not give up on this simplicity. In the media, even most great actors, do not pay attention to rumors people make for them. Since if paparazzi win this game, more attention will be attracted to them so that they start again to do this to others.

Accept this fact: sometimes few is too much

It may have happened to you many times before that a simple question responded by a thorough answer. This is one of the big mistakes in business world and one simple question should not easily led to a detailed answer. Always remember, a simple answer is enough, if not, let the other party ask another question. Do not be fooled by the joy of hearing your voice.

Keep your opinion for yourself

Everyone in this world has a set of ideas and opinions, whether good or bad. What matters is how you use them. If you think you have a great idea, do not express it until someone asks you to let others know how much you know. Try to ask for more ideas and the others’ opinions. Confident people do not need anyone to approve their opinion, so do not express your opinion unintentionally, instead, ask others to express their opinion.

Drink coffee.

The more caffeine you consume, the less likely you’ll budge in an argument, according to a study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology. The study says that “attitudes formed after caffeine consumption resisted counter-persuasion and led to indirect attitude change.” The means that you won’t budge much during your negotiation and this will probably lead to “greater agreement” during the interaction.

Set a range slightly higher than you hope to achieve

Research has shown that when people set a certain limit for their opponent, they achieve the best possible mental outcome. Determine the number you want, and say it a little higher. If you are trying to achieve a salary of 5000 dollars, ask your opponent for a salary between 6000 to 7000 dollars.

Offer all your options

Professor Grant’s theory of Neil Rackham, who is also a negotiator, argues that skilled negotiators do not move from one subject to another. It has been said that: these people express everything clearly and in one place. So from now on, instead of saying “let’s settle the salary first, and then move on to other issues”, state all the provisions of the agreement. For example, things like place, vacation time or benefits . “When you go for a job interview, you can ask for your salary by using factors like workplace, rewards and benefits, etc., and flexibility about them,” Grant says.

Encourage the other person to feel empathy

Sometimes you feel that you are losing more than you get in a negotiation. It is the right time that you make the other person feel a little emotionally affected. This statement is based on a recent study conducted by researchers from the Universities of California and the University of New York. Some students who wanted to negotiate the salary and benefits of a job interview were told that issues such as being required to pay the installments of the student loans they had and having sick parents were mentioned. Like a business negotiation, talk to the other person reasonably and without arousing pity. The results showed that the first group of students who won their partner’s sympathy were more likely to get what they wanted, and in this way both parties to the negotiation felt that they had done a fair and good deal.

In conclusion

Negotiation may create images of business delegations, hostage situations, and corporate mergers. However, the truth is that negotiation also exists around us, it is an essential part of life and business. Knowing the basics will help you decide whether to plan your vacation or negotiate your salary. If you stick to these ten points, you will find that both you and the other party feel that you have a fair deal.

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