Practical methods for having a real good mood

Do you want to feel perfect ? Do you keep asking yourself why you are in a bad mood and what you need to do to get better? Do you want to know the secrets and mysteries of such an event? First of all, it is good to know that well-being is not a goal, it is a result. Just like wealth; which is not a goal in itself, but an achievement and a result that is obtained from other works. In fact, good mood can be recognized; yet cannot be followed, since it must be the result of work and results and other paths.

You are probably wondering now what can we do to feel good and have a good mood? This becomes a valid question. To make money, you have to do things and have habits that actually make you rich. In the case of well-being, you also have to do things and have habits that actually make you feel good.

Therefore if in a time when misery has become like oxygen in the air, you can think of a few things and habits and practices that we are referring to in this article from AliKavyani [dot] com; until nice things happen to you after that.

Beware of inputs

Just as you take care of your stomach inputs to have a healthy body, so do you take care of your ear and psyche? These days, grumbling and negativity are the first and last words of most words. We do not say to be completely indifferent to the world around you, but when it is not necessary, try not to pessimistic. This is a basic principle.

Being like an ascetic man

Excessive pursuit of organizational positions and appearance can sometimes upset you. So you do not need to look for such things. It’s best to start your own business. Or do the things that are necessary in your company, organization and organization; Leave the next to God and be comfortable. This comfort can create a good mood for you.

Stick to money, but not too much…

Of course, money is a good thing, and those who say money is bad have a mental problem. Money gives you more possibilities. But note that we are not going to get rich at any cost. For this purpose, you should definitely read books and plan and…, yet you should be careful about the cost of getting rich! You are not going to get rich at any cost and ruin your well-being.

Talk to yourself respectfully

Self-talk, that is, how we talk to ourselves during the day. These self-explanations have very good effects on the good mood. That is, if the way we talk to ourselves is bad, it is natural that we will be bad too. Otherwise, you should salute to the good mode.

Avoid destruction

Do not destroy anyone, and do not allow others to destroy you. That is, stay away from gossip and nonsense conversations. These are, first and foremost, bad anyway. In fact, the destruction of others in the form of rumors, gossip, etc., is a kind of poison that enters your inner self and is constantly flowing and makes you feel bad.

Do not take anything for granted

According to Don Miguel Ruiz in The Four Covenants, try not to take anything for granted. In this way, you can have your own little paradise in the midst of a mental hell. If someone curses or insults you, it’s their problem, not yours; if there was someone else instead of you, they would have insulted that one as well. So these are the problems of the people themselves, not your problem. This way, your well-being will be more and more.

Personal word management

Focus on your words; see what words you use more and more with what meaning. At least if you discover the words you are using and try to use positive words, then you will feel better. In this case, without wanting to, good mood will be injected into you through the words you have.

Always try your best

Do you know why a person is in a bad mood most of the time? Since they feel that they has not made the necessary effort. So remember to do your best in all things and in all situations; whether it works or not. In general, get used to the “maximum effort”. In this case, you will not eat again and you will be fine.

We have two kinds of silence; Silence due to shyness and lack of self-confidence and silence due to life satisfaction and high self-confidence. As long as you can be silent in the second type; makes you feel like a calm, smooth and clear lake.

Strive for inner peace

Try to have a half-hearted effort for inner peace, just as seriously as you plan to grow your business and finances. In fact, we have to understand what is bothering us and then try to make it less and less. In fact, for the inner peace that is the source of good mood, we must have seriousness and planning.

Escape from the trap of perfectionism

You need to find a way to avoid extreme perfectionism (be sure to read the complete guide to overcoming perfectionism). One of the lawyers has an interesting thing to say about this; He says that a moderate law that is well implemented is better than a good law that is moderately implemented or not implemented at all. Do not look for heroism in the implementation of your daily plans; Follow a steady but regular schedule to avoid the bad mood of extreme perfectionism.

Not expecting compensation

One of the psychological sources of well-being is that you try to put aside business in social and family relationships, and so on. That is, if you do something for others, do not expect compensation. If you expect compensation, then your view will be market and speculative, and this can be detrimental to your well-being.

Cut the tree of jealousy

If and only if you can dry the tree of jealousy in you, you will reach such a good state that it cannot be described. Jealousy means that we are constantly comparing our own lives with those of others, and this comparison becomes the source of the production of bad mood for us.

Escape to the good vibes

One of the best ways to handle this is to set aside time for energy. Yet where is the energy? Nature is the place where you can find the most energy. Trees also have high energy levels; you can get a lot of energy by being by their side. Why bother with this level of energy?

From simplicity to perfect

Brian Tracy says the less steps a task takes, the more accurate it gets. This is called the principle of simplicity. Simplify your life and work as much as you can. Simplicity and lack of complexity can make you feel good. People who are very complex and want everything to be opaque and complicated often do not feel very well.

Good friend = good mood

Try to have good communication. Having good communication can give you a good account. Even understanding the best beauties and pleasures of the world alone is not so good. When you spend the best days with your best friends, you will also feel the best.

Books for good mood

Get used to reading books. Especially novels and specialized books in your field and poetry and…. Reading books, in general, develops both your vocabulary and your gaze, and all of this can produce a real good mood for you.

Exercise, the way to destroy the bad mood

Do not underestimate exercise. Do not say because I’m busy and tired, I cannot exercise. Incidentally, because your head is busy and tired, you need to exercise more to both cultivate your willpower and get in the good mood of exercising.

We become what we eat

Take extreme care of your diet. Man becomes what he eats. If you eat good, light, nutritious and healthy foods, you can not only see the effects on your body, but you can even see the effects on your mood and well-being. Remember we are what we eat.

Take great care of your body

Remember that your body is your temple. Have you ever seen believers believe that their temple, which is a place of worship, is dirty and bad? In the heart of your body, you can give the best blessings to your soul and spirit. So take great care of your body. Take good care of it until you feel good.

Self-knowledge, the way to enter the good state

Try to reach a level of self-knowledge where you can write dozens of pages about your moods and characteristics. When you reach this level of self-knowledge, you can easily reach the good state that comes from this self-knowledge. However, when you do not know yourself well, as a result you cannot identify the reasons for your bad mood.

Loneliness and well-being

Loneliness can be the driving force of the human soul; Of course, we do not mean the loneliness in which one eats oneself. We mean the glorious loneliness that everyone loves to have, and in them they do not feel strangely lonely.

More control, better morale

Be very careful of your own reactions. Do not react unconsciously until you hear a voice, or have no control over what you say. The more control you have over your speech and behavior, the more your mental battery will be charged and the more it can engage you in a good mood.

Take Deep breaths

What do you know about deep breathing? We think that you should try to open a file in your mind for deep breathing as much as possible. Deep breathing nourishes your body cells; since their main food is oxygen. Use all the capacity of your lungs for this purpose. You will surely realize that after a few deep breaths, how much your mood has improved and you will be fine.

In conclusion

Tried every tip on this list and still in a funk? Just give it time. We can’t force ourselves into a good mood, but the good news is no mood sticks around forever. Yet, if a foul mood lasts for two or more straight weeks, it might be a good idea to seek professional help, as this could be a sign of depression.

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