The untold secret of relaxation and its role in the greatest people’s peace

Many great human beings had a place for concentration and took refuge in it to rejuvenate, overcome problems and find new ideas. The place of mental relaxation is unknown to many people. It has been said that Edison repeatedly emphasized that finding his innumerable new ideas, which enabled him to patent many inventions, was due to an escape to a place and meditate. we are talking about peace and you can read this short article about it. be with us.

Whenever there was a blind spot that weakened him or his strength, he moved in this place of rest. After a few minutes, he regained his lost strength and in addition, new thoughts were inspired him.

This location could have an external existence or be built only in your imagination. The important thing to note is that this place should be a place of peace and harmony and you should feel comfortable and liberated in it. If you find such a place, choose it as your place of mental relaxation; otherwise try to create it in your fantasy world.

A relaxing place should have all your pleasant hobbies, for instance, if you love the sea, you need to be by the sea, and if you love nature, find a place there or wherever you feel comfortable.

Arrange the resting place exactly to your liking, and if you have chosen a real place, change it according to your taste. Since your privacy should be completely what you, want so that you can feel comfortable there all your life. Although it is always possible to change the place of relaxation, it is better to change it rarely.

(Peace comes from within; do not look for it anywhere else)

Spend a lot of time navigating the relaxation area and only feel satisfied when everything is as it should be in front of your mind.

Now you have found the place of your mental relaxation and there you can face your subconscious mind. Try to go there at least once a day and stay there for about 10 to 30 minutes. Even if you do not have a specific task with your subconscious mind, make excuses and give your soul a complete rest.

In a place of peace of mind, you are the server and everything depends on your will. You determine the appearance and, all that happens in that place in a blink of an eye. You can even determine the weather, the vegetation and the behavior of the animals; as you are the ruler of your place of peace of mind and only your will and will prevail.

Once in a place of relaxation, are acquainted with this feeling properly and there, free yourself from worldly boundaries; then you will understand the true meaning of mental freedom and peace of mind.

(Self-relaxation by concentrating the inside power)

How to reach the place of mental relaxation?

Overall, what is the way to reach a place of mental relaxation? We will show you very simple ways to enter this place whenever you want and be “free and comfortable” as you want so that you can use the power of your subconscious mind.

Step one:

You should feel comfortable entering this place in every way. That means you can sit as you wish and lie down as you wish.

Step two:

To get to the place of peace of mind, take off your shoes, wear comfortable clothes and be completely relaxed. This place is a space separate from the material places and you should get rid of everything in this place and achieve only the peace you are looking for.

Step three:

If you are always breathing fast and there is a nervous state in your breathing, it is a good place for you to breathe calmly, evenly and deeply, close your eyes while breathing and be careful not to be disturbed.

The place of peace of mind is the place of your peace; it is a place where lets you be free of any stress.

When you are at rest, the outside world is still full of news and events. Keep your eyes closed so you can relax and stay focused while you are there. Keep your eyes closed in your resting place, and you do not need to open them to the real world.

Keep closing your eyes until you are sure that you have regained your lost energy, it is no longer necessary to be mentally present in a relaxed place, and you need to return to the real world so that you can do your work more successfully and with more energy.

Your place of meditate is the place of your solitude and comfort that is highly valuable because it is a place that no one knows about and you are alone in front of yourself. Loneliness is so important to you that it accelerates your life after a busy day. A hustle and bustle that has only depleted your energy and you now need to regain it mentally.

The place of mental relaxation can be the safe room of your mind, the room that was built by you, the layout was yours and you are the ruler of it, since it belongs to you. The key to enter it is in your hands, no one can tell you where your safe place in your mind is, no one knows how to enter it, you are the only one who knows it completely and you are the only one who can enter it. Try to find it and take your mind out of the all distractions.

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